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Ok ,  I do not have a name for this pattern, i was in the hospital after a procedure and do not know what channel it was on, are the name of the quilting show, i know thas really bad, i know it was a series, and was on public broadcasting 

it was a wall hanging,

it had lotso f bright colors at the bottom like under the sea, corals and such and then at the top of it was blues like the heavens, and the middle was sort of like a mixture of browns, tans and green, but in the lower right side was a child's face looking up out of the water, up to the heavens, very anjellic and in a serious nature not  in a cute fashion. and i have tried  and searched and contacted a few of the online  pages that have the series on local tv, but being at the hospital i called and they have COX  cable so it could have been on any channel, i have no idea,

there was a lady introducing the hanging and a lady doing the show, so she was a guest,

dows anyone have any idea what the name of this quilt my be, or who might have did the show are anything, i really want to make one , it was absolutely amazing and beautiful

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I'm not sure if this is the one you're thinking of, but it sounds similar. It's at http://usaapp.husqvarnaviking.com/education/pdf/2810.pdf

This was on an episode of America Sews with Sue Hausmann. Hope it's one you're looking for. Donna


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