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After all the quilters I meet, I still consider myself a newbie. I love to quilt but with working find it hard to find the time to quilt. I always buy the latest magazines and love to dream what I'm going to make next.

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Just start by sewing a few minutes each day. After awhile you will find that you must make time each day for sewing.
Thank you Mary, that will be my New Years resolution to give your great idea a try............Thank you and Happy New Years
I am home during the week--except for dr's appt for myself and gradson, food shopping, etc. you get the picture. What I do before putting Matthew on the bus in the morning is sit down and sew. He is eating breakfast and watching TV and wants some quiet time. So I get in about 15 minutes to sew. Then I give myself a reward for 30 minutes of cleaning, laudry, whatever, I give myself 30 minutes of sewing. It makes everthing else more fun and easier to do.
I am not a newbie to quilting but even not working I find it hard to find time to set down a quilt. but as Mary said even if you set down a few minutes a day you can be surprise what you can do in 10=20 minutes.
As far as magazines that is what I do is dream dream dream.
Hi Annette, I am going to give Mary's idea a try. Happy New Year to you and your family.
I feel the same, Liz... always a novice LOL! I've been quilting for 2 or 3 years, but I also work so it comes slowly.

Dreaming of future projects is always fun though. :-)
Thank you, it's nice knowing you're never alone,,,,,,,,,Happy New Years
Since you're working you might try this - try to always have a "portable project" AKA "pp" - something that is at a stage that you can carry it around ( or just carry a part of it) with you in a tote bag or some kind of cute sewing box. A portable project can go to appointments where you may have to wait for a few minutes, or to work in case you can grab a minute here or there. A example of a "pp" could be cutting out shapes from fabric (or freezer paper if you like applique) another example could be stitching binding or a label onto an otherwise completed project.
Of course, a pp could not involve needing to use your sewing machine or cutting table - too much to have to carry!
Try not to concentrate on what you want to do, but on what are doing now. Sure you want to be ready to start something new, but don't dwell on it. Get yourself to your sewing machine, cutting table, or favorite seat for handwork. - I like to shoot for an hour every day. Of course I don't always get that in, but weekends (or whatever your days off happen to be) are great for catching up.
I know the feeling of no time for quilting.In the upcoming new year I'm going to try "forcing" myself to work on my projects at least 30 minutes a day,maybe I will actually get something accomplished, and it will be great to do something for myself that I love everyday! What a great idea!
I, too, like Mary, am home during the week. Some days I can sit and sew and others I dawdle. I love having pp to take with me or a good quilting magazine, especially to dr appts. I can usually get something done. Or sometimes I just take cut up fabric to make yoyos for yoyo dolls.
I had my own sewing room but we had my brother move in and that was the only place to put him. Unless he wanted to share a room with my sons. Now my sewing supplies are scattered.
It makes it hard to get motivated, but I am working on it. I have been quilting for about 3 years and have lots to learn. I sew almost everyday at least something. The other part of the day I am doing my chores around the house or surfing the web. I get all excited to start a new project. I think I am ADD because I will lose my focus and start another. Although I do get around to getting everything done, so I guess I am not too bad. My biggest fear is not having enough fabric. Is that normal????
Yes - it's very normal - you even think that if you do have the right fabric, you might not have enough of it - right?
Great thing about patchwork is that it's kind of about using whatever you do have. If you run out of something during a project, you can probably find a suitable substitute in your stash.
Try this on a future project - don't think about color, but value. (value being light vs. dark) All you need is contrast. It's surprising how much of your stash & leftover scraps you can use up in such a project.


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