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After all the quilters I meet, I still consider myself a newbie. I love to quilt but with working find it hard to find the time to quilt. I always buy the latest magazines and love to dream what I'm going to make next.

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When I was working outside the home I used to have my project set up in piles for chain piecing, etc next to (or even on) my machine. After our daughter was in bed and everything done for the evening, I would sit down at my machine for a minimum of 15 minutes before bed to do some sewing. Some nights I got half an hour, some an hour, but I made a date with myself to sew at least 15 minutes. I put it on my day planner like I did my dental and doctor's appointments. That's how I started exercising daily a couple of years ago too. They both are essential to my well-being as much as seeing the doctor....but a LOT more fun!!

I totally agree Cornwoman - exercise & sewing are good for your heatlh & well being - I've been away from both for too long & I can see it in the mirror. I just uploaded my photos on my page and got re-inspired all over again to sew just looking at some of the stuff I've done - I picked the ones I loved doing so it was fun to re-visit those quilts again.

I 2nd the suggestion to squeeze in 15 minutes a day - it's amazing how many you'll finish with this technique.

I only work part time but still find it hard to quilt as much as I would like to. I have a short attention span so have several large UFO's calling my name. One of the things I do is cut several small projects out at a time. I put them each in a box and can go from one to the other and soon find I have them finished. If they are already cut out just a few minutes sewing makes a difference.Lady C
for projects that you cut now, sew later - or make blocks, put the blocks together later, I've heard lots of praise over the years for pizza boxes. I guess you could to any pizza place and ask for a few unused boxes. One thing I've got (and would love to get more of) is a box that a laptop computer was packaged in. It's probably pretty much the same as using pizza boxes, plus it has a handle.
I believe I will try the 15 minutes a day to sew. I work full time in a high pressure job and by the time I finally make it home...I'm beat! I dont have a sewing room...so Im scattered through out the house so it is hard to get going on a project. I have several in the works and find it hard to get them completed since I am soooo busy! THanks for the idea!!!


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