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Hi everyone, Although I have quilted over 30 years on and off, and have sewn since I was 14 years old I still quilt the old fashion way, except I do machine piece. I learned about 25 years ago from my DDMIL . It is time my fingers are saying you can't quilt anymore by hand, LOL
But even all you newbies here how are you learning, and us older ones too.
Even after all these years I still have trouble making a mitered cornor :(

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I took a beginning quilting class at our local shop. The woman who owned it taught a 6 week class that briefly covered piecing, applique, hand quilting, binding etc. We used cardboard for templates and cut with scissors. My goodness but I'm ancient. I still hand quilt
I learned from my grandmother in 2007 because she asked me if I wanted to learn since I always watched her quilt when I was little up until she had to stop in 2004 due to a stroke and the arthritis in her hands. I said yes and she spent the latter half of 2007 teaching me to quilt. I still look at quilting shows and read read read to find out more. One day i hope to be a Master Quilter like her. :0)~
A lot was learned from Magazines and watching Eleanor Burns, Nancy Ziemann(CS)...and trial and error......I used to hand quilt, but got carpal tunnel...so, I do free motion quilting.....
I started making my clothes in early high school and aced all the home ec classes. Then I made clothes for my four kids up to the first wedding dresses. Then I moved and had a quilt shop literally in my back yard, just a fence separating us. I went in to look at the fabric and saw a couple quilts in the corner that had a sign on them saying there was a class for them. I signed up and that was it, I was hooked! That was in 2000. I started with only bright fabrics, and tried to never make on wider than 42 inches so I didn't have to piece the back. The first time I made a twin size quilt I thought I would never get the binding done! Now I have four machines, one on the quilting machine (short arm) and a beautiful treadle machine that is a decorative item in the living room, but I could use if the power went out. I have made quilts for all my kids, grandkids, sons-in-law, parents, new hubby, his three boys, and who knows how many friends. I love to teach classes to share all I have learned from others in classes and from books. And I get all excited when I take a class and learn new things!
I've been really quilting for about 5 years now. I learned to sew as a kid, 35 yrs ago. My mom owns a fabric store in Portsmouth, RI and she's the one who taught me how to sew clothes. When I got my first embroidery machine, Janome 9500, 5 yrs ago, I got the bug to do a quilt. My mom came to visit and helped me with the machine quilting. It only took 18 hrs to quilt it!! Ever since then, I've had fun doing small wall-hanging quilts up to king-size quilts for gifts. I have since bought a Janome 6600 professional quilting machine. I read a lot in the magazines for instructions, which are fairly straight forward. I usually wait for an inspiration to make a quilt, then find the material and then look for patterns and to go along with both the material and occasion.
I don't have the patience for hand quilting - I only do machine quilting, but have an incredible respect for those that do hand quilting. Someday, I want to get a long-arm quilting machine - but don't have the space!!
I learned to sew quilts about 7 years ago rather by accident. My friend had taken me to the quilt store to look at a sewing machine. Two hours later I brought home a sewing machine with embroidery attachment etc. After that it was on to fabric. I never dreamed I would ever own so much fabric. I started attending classes and have just been fanatic about it since. One humorous happening...when I came home with the new sewing machine, my dh asked me if it was about several hundred $$$s. I said no. He chose a larger number and I said no and not to continue as I wasnt going to tell him. So his response was .....so, what you are saying is this is "The Investment". So that is what we have called it ever since.
I am totally self taught. I started quilting/sewing when I was working on a ranch when I was a freshman in high school (27 years ago). The lady I was working for was always sewing and I would watch her whenever I had a chance. She got a new machine and surprised me with her old machine. I was always talking about wanting to learn to quilt. The deal was I would make her a quilt in exchange for the machine. She got my first quilt I ever made and loved it. I had that machine until after I got married and got a new one.
I too love to hand quilt but do admit that the piecing is done on the machine. I too have been quilting for many years, over 30 and I still have not perfected Stippling! I just can't seem to get the hang of it. At night after working all day I do enjoy sitting in front of the tv and quilting until my fingers too are achine and saying ENOUGH!! My mom has been quilting for years and is now nearing 80 years old. I am inspired by the work she does, mine does not even compete! I have an embroidery machine and have incorporated designs into quilts. My office it work is a quilt show on every wall. I just need to have them with me for comfort makes the day less stressful
I'm self taught. No one in my family made quilts. I hope someday my adult daugthers will carry on the tradition...but I think it will be more like my 6 yr. old Granddaugther that is more interested.
taught myself. by watching t.v. shows on quilting and reading magazines and books. after 20 years i've taken two or three classes but mostly figured it out, with the help of online forums too. they are great!!!
What a great question! Loving everyone's stories.

I've always loved quilts. I used to lie on one of my Gram's and make up stories about the fabrics (all were scrap quilts). I always figured when I was old and in a nursing home, I'd quilt.

Then one day, my sister came over with a quilt she made. I thought, "What the !!! She's not old enough!" So, I started my first quilt with her guidance (at the age of 28). I picked out a pattern in a magazine & borrowed her rotary cutter & ruler. She showed me how to do miters and set-ins. We were neck-n-neck on her third and my first... we'd be over my mom's and say "I got my blocks done, working on sashes." "I got rows done, working on borders." Mom actually said she no longer understood us - we might as well speak Chinese. LOL!

We still shop together & bounce ideas off one another. I'm piecing a baby quilt for our niece, and she's going to quilt it. This is our first joint project.


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