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I got into quilting because I loved the therapy of hand quilting and the peace it brings me to enjoy making something by hand. At the time I was in a stressful job. I started out with a printed panel and hand quilted around all the designs. I was so surprised at my ability and the peacefulness of it, I did a pieced block and from there I made a baby quilt. Then I got hooked on the fabrics and then I couldn't help myself !

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Hand quilting is very peaceful and relaxing. I leave the machine quilting to someone else. You can do things with hand quilting, not possible by machine. You can pick it up anytime, and it is quiet so you can converse while you do it. If I could just do one thing, it would be hand quilting.
I totally agree! Thats why I got into quilting. By the time your done with the piece or quilt it has become your best friend.
I can sit down at my quilt frame and quilt for hours. I learned to quilt years ago with help from the older ladies in the neighborhood. I still love to sit at the quilt frame with older ladies who have quilted for several years, I always learn something new.
I just love quilters, we are a very special group. We can and do have other interests, but we all seem to love talking and sharing and helping others when it comes to quilting. I love to watch quilters also while we all get together. I will ask how or why something is done that way so I can learn more, but quilters don't have any problems helping each other. The hand quilting is my favorite part of quilting. When I am done with the piece I look at it and know I accomplished something that someone will really enjoy. The only thing about hand quilting is that your fingers are pretty sore at times while your quilting, at least until you get your touch back and can judge the needle poke. While you are piecing those couple fingers get a chance to recoop.
Hi I am new at hand quilting, and I still love the sewing machine too...yet find myself not on my sewing machine for about three months since I started hand quilting. I love it, and words I feel can not even decribe how I feel about it, except relaxing, and such a feeling that differs from what you feel when you do it on the machine. I think it is the best ever, and I feel even more pride in what I am hand quilting. Hugs Morgan
I used to do hand quilting, but now I have turned to machine quilting or quilt as u go blocks mostly for speed and ease of the quilting. I do agree tho that the hand quilting is so relaxing and peaceful, I do some of the smaller projects by hand to not loose the peacefullness
Hi Everyone,
I am glad there are still a few of us out there! I believe there are many more, but they have not read or gone to the web site to check in. I am so happy to meet you all, Odessa, Topsy, Morgan and Darla. Hugs and happy quilting!
Don't believe I could live without my machine for piecing. I just received from my mom a treadle machine that was her mothers. I want to do the piecing on it for a full size quilt for my mother. It would make her so happy.
Quilt break...
I love to hand quilt also. I just wish I could do it more often. I to started with a printed panel and moved on to other patterns, also tried paper piecing, which I love, it just takes more time. I work at a daycare and when the babies go to sleep, I quilt. I may not get much done cause the kids only sleep 30 or 45 minutes sometime, but when they sleep for an hour or 2, well then I get more done of course. I have been looking for Golf prints, have any or know where I can locate some ? Thanks for the chat, Joy
Hi Joy
It's so wonderful to meet some quilters that still hand quilt. I get my work done just so I can sit and do some quilting. WE may not do alot at one time but we get it donel It is also really nice to meet others who enjoy it like I do. Just think in the 80's no one had the internet and chat sites to share their hobbies. We are really lucky, cause I know by the time a letter or a post card would get around to each of you, I would have forgotten what the topic is. W/o the emails and sites, we wouldn't have met.
I love paper piecing also, esp the crisp points and the easy fun designs. I am not into art quilts as much, but I still appreciate all the work and love that goes into them. That also brings up quilt post cards, I have not done one yet.
Sew happy to meet you, Susan
Count me in Susan. I just love the hand quilting. Some girls love to put the tops together and then send it out to get quilted. To me, they are missing out on the most fun part of the quilt. I just love to sit and hand quilt my quilts when they are together. Glad there are more like me. I thought I must be crazy. Some of the girls have a stack of tops done and don't want to hand quilt them. I love EPP as well. Some of them look at me as if I had two heads wanting to work with those little pieces.

Well I am off to Seniors Crafts this a.m. so better go and shower and get ready.
Hi Susan, there are a whole group of hand quilters on this site. Just go to the groups and look up "Around the Quilt Frame Hand Quilters"

We currently have over 199 members and would love to have all of you join us there.
Cat Lady, This is so great that you and so many others like to do hand quilting. I was a bit worried many of you would think "HUh, no one hand quilts anymore."
Thank you for the invite, "Around the Quilt Frame Hand Quilters" I will do that. Happy quilting everyone!


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