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I got into quilting because I loved the therapy of hand quilting and the peace it brings me to enjoy making something by hand. At the time I was in a stressful job. I started out with a printed panel and hand quilted around all the designs. I was so surprised at my ability and the peacefulness of it, I did a pieced block and from there I made a baby quilt. Then I got hooked on the fabrics and then I couldn't help myself !

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I love to hand quilt! I think that is the most satisfying way to finish a quilt and I find the whole process of handquilting to be so very soothing and relaxing to do.

I see Cat Lady has already clued you all in to the hanquilters group, so I'll just add my voice to hers to say join us, the more the merrier.
Hi Annie Shaw,
See I knew there were lots of sew sweet ladies that still hand quilted. I just told Cat Lady I would go to that group too.

I am sure that the soothing stressless motion of the quilting is a clincher for us. Thats why I learned to hand quilt. Thank you
I also enjoy doing small hand quilting items such as wall hangings, runners and other small projects. I find it difficult to do large pieces. I need to begin using the quilt frame I have to do some larger items. All of my small projects are done except one. However, I have fourteen large quilt tops to quilt. Some of them will need to be machine quilted.
I have not been on here for quite some time. I love hand quilting and I am really new at it. I did hand quilt a couple of bed size quilts and now I am hand quilting "Moonglow", the Jinny Beyer quilt. It is big so it is a little difficult but I do love the feel of the fabric, the peace and serenity I find when hand quilting and the proud feeling that overcomes me when I look at what I have done.
I machine quilt too; I have an Inspira quilting frame and the Pfaff grand quilter. There are fairly new too and I have a pile of quilts to finish. I am making ten double bed size quilts for our ten grandchildren, hopefully to give to them for Christmas 2010. So I do need to use the machine to finish them.
Hi Myrna, you sound just like me about hand quilting, the only thing that does bother me a little is when I haven't stayed at it during peicing a new quilt. My fingers then take a little abuse, getting the feel for the needle without the poke. When I first start any project, I just can't put the thing down, and end up just suffering the occassional needle prick just to stay at it for a bit longer. I do my hand quilting in a medium size oval lap hoop. I love the fabric too, and the relaxing calm that overtakes you, because all your thinking about is that next stitch and how cozy it is to curl up with it on your lap while watching TV or listening to your favorite music. I often sit and watch the Christmas tree and listen to Xmas music while I quilt.
I love it.
Can you use other machines on the Inspira? Other brands I mean.
I make a lot of quilts, so I save the hand quilting for special projects. Like bed quilts for myself. ;) Tablerunners, childrens quilts and most wall quilts and all class samples get machine quilted.
I began hand quilting 4 years ago, because the quilt on my bed, made by my grandmother was hand pieced and quilted for me. I wanted to do the same for my grand-daughter. I love the way I can sit in my chair and quilt and not be tied to the table with a sewing machine. I have tried that too, but will likely always have a hand quilting project going.
Hey Nina Peters, I think all grandmothers should know how to quilt! It just seems to me that is one of my favorite attributes. I know that my family is a very big reason for me to hand quilt. They think it is the most wonderful thing that I love it. I also have a mother in law who quilts, not so much anymore-but thats due to age. But I too do it in my lap with a hoop, she does it in a frame. My daughter likes to do it as well, and also does it in a hoop. I have 5 grandkids and each is the recipiant of my quilts. All of them treasure quilts. 1 grandson and and 4 granddaughters are very happy to get any kind of quilt, including wall quilts. I machine piece and hand quilt. I haven't machine quilted any, or sent any to machine quilt. I think utilitarian quilts are ok - easier to get machine quilted. But I love any kind of quilting. Machine quilting has earned it's place. I just prefer to do hand quiilting. I am so proud of all quilters for making a big come back. It's part of our history and charm!
I love traditional quilt patterns, and young at heart quilts, I am not a modern art quilt enthusiast, but appreciate the talent. I just love quilting! Glad to share with all quilters. Susan/IA
Thanks Susan, I was definitely bitten by the quilting bug when I made my first quilt. I have only just begun to machine quilt. I have to say that I don't enjoy it as much with my sewing machine, but it is alot faster and I am considering it because I feel the need to make more quilts. And some day would like to sell them, I have sewn a few for paying customers but can't make them fast enough by hand to see my self making a living selling quilts. I am looking forward to talking more about quilting, my husband mostly just ignores me when I'm talking about my quilts.
Hi Nina,
I totally agree, I love it so much that it is so wonderful to share thoughts with other quilters. My X was very proud of my quilting but we aren't together anymore. He decided he wanted to divorce, so he is gone. He lives in TX I am in Iowa. He didn't like the idea of a stash, and thought it was a waste. I think because his mother quilted but never had a stash. Our kids love quilts very much, they support everything I do, they tell me how proud they are of me all the time. I love all quilts, but really love the hand quilting. It is my stress reliever, my entertainment and my legacy. To me it defines who I am, and what I can pass on.
I recently finished a BS degree, my kids thought that was terrific, mostly because my X didn't think I needed to attend college. I hated to work for $7, to $9 an hour. I always wanted my degree. Now I am looking for work. It will be soon I am sure. I admire the ladies that can machine quilt. I just like the accomplishment of hand quilting. Must get errands done. Susan/IA
I agree Susan, when we make quilts it is like leaving a piece of us behind. And that is important. My husband is more supportive than he use to be about my quilting. At first I think he thought I wouldn't stick with it that we were just wasting our money. Or that I wouldn't finish projects. Well I have, and I've recieved money from others for my work. Now his complaint is that I haven't made any quilts for our bed. (I've only made one quilt that I've keep, it is a lap size for me, and I almost give it away.) He can't complain about the stash, because for our 18 years of marriage he has bought woodworking tools, and power tools when he was woodworking, then blacksmithing tools, and iron when he was blacksmithing, boats, trailers, you name a tool he has it. And I've never said no. I've only had one other hobby and that is scrapbooking, which I still do, but not as seriously as I was for awhile. But I recently asked if I could look into buy a long arm and couldn't believe it when he said okay. I believe he believes am serious and won't be giving up the craft.
Hi Nina,
I too didn't have a hobby for years and years. "I thought about when do I have the time?" My husband was not into taking the kids to their school events, nor into watching them , or being home to help with homework,or actually anything but eating with us sometimes. But I loved him for years, he got to take flying lessons, fish every week, bowling, and later golf. But mostly fishing, and it costs alot to drive to and from the around TX and AK. I tried to support his interests because I really wasn't encouraged to have any. I bowled with him for 8 yrs with his friends. I got into fishing too, that was for 12 yrs. I still went but read quilt mags while he fished. When the kids got older we went swimming and down hill skiing, he hated both. So I did things with the kids I was very good at down hill skiing and swimming. When the kids were sophores and juniors, I was at home by myself often enuf then, I picked up the quilting bug. But didn't have the money for quilt shop materials. I started with just a baby blanket panel and quilted around it. I worked for 25 years and brought in the real money, he was military and I didn't complain... Oh well, I quilt now! And I just want to say YAH !!! to me and all us girls out there doing something that the country is noted for!! Yehhh for us! Stand up girls and cheer us on!


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