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How many personal photos should be allowed on Quilt With Us?

We would like to know if we "CT admin" should limit "personal photos" like those of weddings, family, etc...some members think it would be a good idea. What are your thoughts? Chime in!

How many is too many?

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I can't even believe that this is a question on here. Nobody forces anyone to look at their pictures as far as I know. I thought our page is ours to have fun with and show who we are and what makes us who we are. I hope I'm not forcing anyone to look at any of my pix.

There have been instances in the past where someone has posted an entire vacation or wedding album that took up pages and pages of space. If there are just a few, then it is easy to skip past them to the quilt photos. If you don't look at the picture, how are you supposed to know you don't want to see it? It's a quilting site, so it seems reasonable to assume that the main content would be quilts.

Maybe I should add that unless you specifically adjust your settings for 'friends only', any pictures you post on your page also appear on the main feed for everyone to see.

I guess that I'm guilty of posting too many "personal photos".  I didn't realize that the photos all went into the slide show.  I'm an avid gardener and love flowers as well as my quilting.  I had posted pictures of my gardens and flowers that are in it.  I thought they would just be on my page.  Being new to the site I didn't know.  I took them all off.  Grandkids, pets, quilts or flower pictures are not a problem for me!

A quilt carefully displayed on a chair or table with a flower garden behind it is very beautiful and gives a reference to the size of the quilt. I love to see photos like that.

I love seeing all the fabulous quilt creations of course, but I also enjoy seeing pets, babies, weddings, new houses etc.. of all the wonderful people on here and I do not think there should be any limit unless some one is posting photos that are offensive. 

I agree with Carol..seeing everyone's pictures of family, animals, vacations helps to understand our new Quilty Friends!..we thank Connecting Threads for the chance to meet and share our love of fabric and quilting!..and especially our love for each other...we are still like the pioneers of old, moving in their covered wagons..just waiting to met up with another quilter and share..patterns, pieces of fabric, and chic chat!..thank you for bring us all together.!

I love seeing all photoes and a little glimpse into our quilty friend lives, i only wish i knew how to post photos, i have tried so many times and failed, they are in my picassa programme and just cannot get them transferred to the site, maybe one day.....

Since this is a quilting site I believe the photos should relate only to quilting and/or sewing projects. If you want to show off weddings, babies, family members, etc. then you should go to Facebook or some other similar site. I find it boring and a waste of time to have to surf past unrelated photos and entries\....I only want to see quilted projects and sewing projects, plus any tips and/or hints that are related.


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