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I have several antique quilts that I would like to clean. I was told to hand wash them in the bathtub using Biz or mild Ivory flakes. No problem, however I feel uncomfortable putting it in the washer to ring out. Any clues or ideas. I have also been told to NEVER dry clean them. Hope you guys have some ideas.

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Most articles I have read in quilt magazines recommend not washing antique quilts because of the dyes used back then and the delicacy of old fabrics. I tired washing one several years ago and it literally fell apart. If you decide to wash them, quilt soap is recommended by most who deal with antique quilts and spinning is better than wringing them out. They do say never to dry clean them. What they do recommend is putting a piece of nylon stocking over the dusting attachment of your vacuum cleaner and gently vacuuming both sides, never actually touching the fabric. You might try searching for quilt preservation articles for professional information.
I like the vacuuming with the nylon.....its great.
IF you decide to wash them gently put them in a laundry basket and sit them in the bathtub to be cleaned. Water only or quilt soap. You can always contact the local quilt museum in your state, sometimes they can recommend someone who can clean them for you or give you specific instructions.
Carol I do mine in a large tub that is outside and hang them in a shaded area. I Have also taken quilts outside during the winter and washed them in the snow. take an area that is away from the road and lay it out swish it around (play with it)lol Its sort of like a child draging their blanket on the ground. do this until it is wet then hang it up in shaded area. good luck


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