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I have been learning to quilt for a couple years and I still have a real hard time figuring out which side of fabric (some) is the right side. Especially on solid colors. Is there a trick to telling which side is which?

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Basically, I've always used the best looking side of the fabric. Sometimes, on solid colors, it's hard to tell. I like to show the smoothest side of the fabric as the "right" side. I've seen quilters use both sides of printed fabrics to add additional fabrics to their quilts, especially if the "wrong" side looked pretty good. You could probably ask the salesclerk which side they think is the right side. Hope this helps.
That makes me feel better cause I'm not alone . I will remember to check for the smoothest side. Thanks
There are tricks, like, the right side is bumpy side of the prick holes at fabric edge, but let's face it, solids can be tricky and some of them do look different, after you sew them together. So when I have a solid, I pick one side as the wrong side and using a chalk pencil or marker, make some lines close enough together to make sure there are marks on all the cut pieces. Then I don't have to guess, I made a decision and "I'm sticken to it".
I like that idea. Next time I will try that. At least if I pick the wrong side it will be consistent. Thanks for the help
This is the solution I use also.
I just found your discussion on this, so I'm a bit late with my reply, but really it doesn't matter - use whichever side you like the best or will fit in with what you're trying to accomplish.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am glad to hear that cause I always feel kind of bad not knowing if I did it right or not. Now I'm not going to worry about it. It makes sense to use what works. Thanks
You can tell which side by the color code and the name of the fabric name and manufacture on the side of the fabric (selvege/selvedge) which is on the proper side of the fabric.
Right side, wrong side??

To add to my previous reply when I said it doesn't really matter, I made a quilt using only one fabric in which I deliberately used both sides - one side for bold, the other for shading - and it came out great.

The trick here is to not be afraid to experiment. Be adventurous with your quilting and see how far it can take you!!!!
My favorite comment about which side is the "right" side says it doesn't matter which side you use - you bought both sides didn't you? [grin] I have often used both sides of a fabric. One side usually appeals to me more than the other, but not always.
Good answer Corinne. It used to drive me crazy of kona solids that I use for paper piecing. Now whatever side looks good I use. It all looks good when it's finished.


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