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Hi, I don't know if I am alone in this problem or not. I have so many projects that I want to do, that I'm just sitting here looking at them. I have about 4 different projects started and I keep going back and forth between them working on them. My husband is a total organization freak (a lot like Monk) and told me to quit starting new ones until I finished all I had started. I think that is a little extreme, but agree to some extent that I need a plan. Advice??

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Hi there! Yes, the study group is on the book "Fabric Art Workshop" by Susan Stein. I do believe that the group is filled for participants, however, there are people that are following along. There are also people that are dropping out of participating to just reviewing, which leaves openings. I will be right back with the yahoo address for you. Here is the address: StudioQuilts-GoldilocksAndFriends@yahoogroups.com
I tried ,that address and it is invalid. I tried it with the studio quilts and with out it
BOY DID I MESS UP I tried typing it in thru google and came up a with a gay guys porno site...I WILL wait for the right link ROFLOL
{{{{{ROFLOL}}}}} with you! That is funny. I am so sorry. I did not mean to introduce you to that group! I emailed the Moderator and asked her for the proper link for you to contact the group. I hope to receive an email soon. I do know that she is on vacation, however, she did say that she would be checking her emails. I will keep you updated. Do you have the book? Diana
I am going on amazon.com after dinner...I am dissabled so I do all my shopping online..I do almost every thing online that is why this group is sooooooooooooo cool...as the kids say....It just sounded interesting ...and we will take it on day at a time. I will love for her email...what shall I look for as it will go to my junk mail but I always carefuly go thru it oh and THANKS
This is the name of the group: StudioQuilts-GoldilocksAndFriends I have asked her to give me a link to send to you. I have not given her any contact information to you directly. I am hoping to list the real link here.

I have found ordering through the internet a great time saver. Sometimes, I do like to use my coupons from Joann's and get 40-50% off. I also teach classes there and get an additional 15% discount. I purchased my book from Joann's a year ago. A friend of mine recently purchased hers from Borders. I will be in touch soon. Diana
Thanks for reminding me I do have a Joanns coupon for shopping on line. look forward to hearing from you I am glad your are my new 'friend'
I am happy that we are friends, too. The class starts on February 7th,, however, you can jump in and follow along at any time. We cover three chapters in two weeks. The chapters are more like techniques, so it is easy to accomplish it and you can work at your own speed. That is the beauty of it, too. I won't forget to send you the link. Smiles, Diana
Hello I am having the same problem. I just started quilting about two mounths ago and have started two but not finsed. I to need a game plan. Sometimes I feel like " Where do I begain" I love it so much. My husband said the same thing to me, I can't buy any more fabric till I finish the two I am working on. And it worked I am about to finish a baby quilt. lol My quilting just got smaller like baby quilts or wall hangins. lol That we show him. lol
Knowing my own ADHD tendencies and not having huge chunks of free time in my day/week, I planned the latest project so I could switch between steps and keep from getting bored. I divided the quilt into 9 sections. I draw the patterns, cut pieces, assemble, layer and quilt each of the sections. After doing that 9 times, I know I'll be tired of it, but then it'll be on to separators and borders, and a finished quilt. I knew there was a high probability that I might finish the top and never actually quilt the thing, so this approach lets me finish a little at a time, and once it's assembled, it's done.

Another thought: in the business world, a project manager is responsible for listing all the tasks, the order to do them, and tracking the completion of each step. Maybe you could create a chart listing the projects across the top, and the steps down the side. When you finish a step, put a star or smiley in the chart. This will help you see what needs to be done next. If you like skipping from project to project, you'll be able to easily see which needs attention to 'catch up'. Or you might be inspired to finish the one that's the most 'advanced' first. Just listing the tasks to see the big picture goes a long way toward organizing your personal chaos!
Hi from NC... My sewing sisters group last year decided that we all had to many of those unfinished Projects... so we make a pack to list some of them and finished them by Dec Christmas party.. I found so many that I am embarrassed to tell.. But I have as of today finished 59 of them... some big some little some a total nightmare why I every started them I don't know... I purchase some clear plastic boxes put the pattern, thread and anything else that pertain to the project.. and I would pick a box and completed it before opening the next one... in between times I treated myself to a fresh one that I just purchase... I then took a picture of each and put in a photo album with information regarding the project... I still have more to go and brought more fabric today.. but it is so much fun... You could just put them in a pretty bag and give them as starter projects for a new quilter... I have done that before...hope this helps...
Hi everyone.
I thought maybe I should see the local quilt doctor about my unfinished projects, but it looks like everyone has the same disease. I don't think they've developed the vaccine yet for the cure. I'm sure that it's those unfinished projects that keep us all going and moving onto new projects. I've promised myself that I'm going to try and finish up my small projects and give them as presents to friends and neighbors for the holidays. So far I've completed a number of my small quilted pillows and will be working on my small art quilts for my family for christmas.
I store some of my projects in clean pizza boxes that I get from my local pizza shop. I also use the plastic bins for taking projects with me in the car when we travel.


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