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Hi, I don't know if I am alone in this problem or not. I have so many projects that I want to do, that I'm just sitting here looking at them. I have about 4 different projects started and I keep going back and forth between them working on them. My husband is a total organization freak (a lot like Monk) and told me to quit starting new ones until I finished all I had started. I think that is a little extreme, but agree to some extent that I need a plan. Advice??

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Honey, it's called Quilters ADHD and most of us have it in spades! I get easily bored and like to shift from one project to another depending on my mood...especially when I am working on a larger project that results in doing the same thing over and over. The fact that you ONLY have "4" started makes me laugh...I'm probably closer to 10 depending on how we define "project"...hahahaha!!

Here's what I do to solve the "chaos" or organization problem.

My favorite size of projects are wall quilts-so I always have several of them roaming around my sewing room in various stages. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a stack of clear plastic bins (WITH lids) that I believe were designed to be shoe boxes. They were $1-$2 each. CHEAP. I put one of my random projects inside of each one, along with the pattern, any pieces I've cut, and if I'm using specific fat quarters etc, those go in there too so I don't end up using them on something else while these projects are on the back burner so to speak. I put the lids on them and stack them on a handy shelf with a piece of masking tape on the facing ends where I've written a description of what project it is. If I happen to stick a specific spool of thread in there too, I note that on the tape too so I can locate that color if I need it for something else.

That will make "Monk" happy because they are all neatly organized and out of site, and I like having all the parts of one project in a specific place where I can just pluck it from the shelf when I want to work on it, spread it out, and then gather it all up when I'm done. If you make larger projects that wouldn't fit inside such small containers, get bigger ones! And Ziplock sells some HUGE, sturdy actual Zip-to-lock bags now (look near your plastic wrap and garbage bags in your grocery store) that would hold actual quilt sized projects and books and they have handles so you can carry entire projects to class or when you travel without worrying about them getting dirty or lost!
I second what Running with Scissors said about the clear plastic bins. I do the same thing and its great. And, it actually kind of looks pretty on the shelf, as I can see all the pretty fabric colors from the various projects, through the clear bins. I have also taken the step of putting a limit on myself that I will not buy anything else from the quilt store until I finish at least one project. Of course, I cheated and bought a few things, but not as much as I wanted to. :)
I, too, store my in-progress projects in clear plastic bins. I feel guilty about starting a new project when others are still unfinished, but sometimes an opportunity comes along like a class or a BOM and I just can't say no! I like hand applique and I have been working on a very intricate quilt for over a year. I keep the block I am working on in a plastic bag and take it with me if I am driving the kids to a music lesson or sports practice. It's amazing how much I can get done in a hour. I am almost finished with the quilt and I have done the whole thing during time that would have otherwise been wasted! I have several finished tops, but I don't know how to machine quilt. Thinking about how much time it will take me to hand quilt those tops makes me leave them in their boxes. I have decided it's time to learn to machine quilt!
Have you though of joining in with someone here and starting an UnFinished Project Club. Just invite anyone else that has something to finish and share photos as you complete a project. Having a buddy (ies) to share the task with give a little more push to get it completed. I have not mentioned how many I have developed over 15 years. Smiling, Diana
Awesome idea. Let's do it! Time to dust off those storage bins. I still need to sign up for a machine quilting class though.... Joan
Joan, I wanna take a class, too. I have taken a class and I did quite well, however, I used my friends sewing machine and her's is better. I will just need to invest in a better machine. The machine that will give me the look is by Janome and it has an even stitch. It does not matter if you slow down or speed up, the stitches remain consistant. That may be cheating, but I really want it. Three to fours ago, I attended their convention and it was $7,000.00, making it $3500 for me, at wholesale. If I can learn to quilt without, it I may stop yearning. I own 6 machines, already. So, I need to bite the bullet again and take one of my own machines to class and try.

Whenever we are ready for the UFO's, let me know, Diana
i love my janomies. they make the kenmores and the machines that begin with an E. heck what are they called.....these senior moments are getting way to frequent as far as i am concerned. i too have 6 machines, 2 janomies, one voyager 17, and some singers and one that has no name on it, and is in a table....can't figure out what it is.

Jo Ann in WPA
It sounds good to me, I have a Christmas quilt to finish. Yes, the top!! I have three other UFO that need to be sandwiched and quilted. I have one Halloween quilt that needs to be quilted. I need a push to finish the five baby quilts. Start one and I will join you.

Thanks for the great advice. I went to a couple of thrift shops and bought some neat medium sized old leather suitcases that I have a couple of bigger projects in. The idea of a UFO club sounds fun to me.
I can't work on just one project, it drives me crazy and I get bored. What has worked for me is to order some clear tubs that I label with each project. I keep my material, pattern, threads and everything in there. It really helps me stay organized and not have to worry about using up material that is for a project. The tubs store nicely and keep everything together. I also do this for projects I am going to start once I have everything for it like the material.

When I just have a pattern I want to work on I put them in an expandable folder. (I have been going through old magazines and tearing out the patterns I want to keep.) I sort them by size and by type. If it is something I want to get material for next time I am out, I have a little planner/folder I stick it in. I make notes of things to grab next time I am at the quilt store. Than I just grab it next time I am going to the LQS.
I 'm still chuckling over Running with Scissors' answer. I had the same reaction to the idea that you only have four projects started, too! LOL Besides the projects all over my sewing room, I have at least three different hand-sewing projects for taking places.
I started organizing with the shoe boxes, but ended up with my FQs in them. They're sorted by color. I have the same boxes storing ribbons, laces, and other trims. I got a whole bunch of large, square, flat plastic *project* boxes from Jo-Ann's that I've sorted out my UFO projects. The finished blockslay flat in the boxes and like RwS, I keep the thread and patterns and fabric pieces in with the finished blocks.
As for just sitting and looking at your projects, I used to feel that way about cleaning my house when my kids were little: I'd have so much to do that I didn't know where to start. So I didn't! :-D
I find that sometimes my problem is that the projects are so different in how I approach them that I have to kind of switch gears to go from one to another. If I'm strip piecing a quilt I don't have to focus quite as much as I do if I'm using pieced templates or, say, foundation paper piecing. Those things take a lot more prep work than cutting strips. I don't usually try to work on those things more than one at a time. I set up as much as I can to just sew and sometimes I take a break, get another cup of coffee, and go play a game on my PC. (Sometimes I just need to do somethng mindless till I'm ready to re-focus!)
Another thing I use is a file drawer. Any patterns that I download go into files. My *bought* patterns stand up in a rectangular basket so I can thumb through there to see what I have.
Most of us are just like you and just need a little more variety in our lives!
I TOO organize but I work in shifts with myself ..I work on two or three quilts in the handwork section ...then the next day, I may be at the machine and sew all day..another day I may dedicate to cutting.or drawing new ideas.I do some portion of quiting EVERYDAY. Alot depends on my physical condition. With fibromyalgia tomorrow is not always predictable. On the bad days I draw or search for fabrics and or ideas.
My monkey is still in the lay out stage ..I drew the two monkeys and tried for the first time, working with that stuff you iron on.. Now when I get it layed out just how I want it, I'll sew ...either by hand or by machine....what ever trips my trigger the day I get to that one.
I tend to arrive at the final assembly for two or three quilts at about the same time.
Then My wonderful Granddaughters get together around the quilt on the PVC frame and go at it.

Usually only the focus block.is hand quilted, then I tie the rest and hand hem.

I am trying a full size bed quilt in 24" approx blocks and quilting as I go..When the componets are all done then i will attempt to assemble them.with the hopes of having a completely quilted quilt...I saw Elenor Burns do it.
.It is a HIPPY QUILT. lol yep with peace signs and flowers and bright floral fabic and jeans ....and a great big ice cream sunday in the center. circled by ...lol... RIC RAC.

Back to the storage issue, I Personally like those great big zip loc bags..with a 3x5 card or even a full sheet of card stock, inserted with the specs and all the sketches and re-sketched lay outs.
I also name all my quilts. when it is done all the material ....still in ziploc bag goes in a three ring binder ...size info, batting info, date started and finished who it was for. PROBLEM NOTES.and all the sketches and all patterns. The tab on the divider reads the name of the quilt. ie Monkey Business...I See the Sea. etc.

It is amazing to read everyone elses systems and even though we are from different places and different 'walks' I notice how similar we are all. Even if i stopped right here and never made the quilt ,I would have to say Yall have changed my life...the way I see quilting and others who quilt...I am not alone.


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