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Hi, I don't know if I am alone in this problem or not. I have so many projects that I want to do, that I'm just sitting here looking at them. I have about 4 different projects started and I keep going back and forth between them working on them. My husband is a total organization freak (a lot like Monk) and told me to quit starting new ones until I finished all I had started. I think that is a little extreme, but agree to some extent that I need a plan. Advice??

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Yes, it is so interesting reading how it works for another person. You have a lot of great ideas and have an organized system. The best part of your story is your Granddaughters.....priceless. Can you imagine the memories you are making for them?

I hate to break it to you, but you will contune to quilt. It is hopelessly addicting. I am looking forward to seeing your hippie quilt. Smiles, Diana
Thanks for all of the great ideas. You have to realize that I have only been quilting for about 7 months - I haven't had time to get too many projects started. However, I am working on a Valentine Quilt for a challenge at my local guild and taking a class this afternoon and that will be another one. I had my teenage neighbor help me sort out and organize my sewing room. We sorted my fabric by color and labeled each basket/box on the outside. She also sorted all my machine embroidery thread and it is all nice and pretty (until I use it a few times). In trade I am giving her quilting lessons. Not a bad deal for me at all!
Aren't teenage neighbors great? I used to baby-sit occasionally for mine when she was little. Unfortunately, she's not very interested in learning how to sew the *right* way, (ie. straight even stitches that would actually hold two pieces of fabric together! LOL) But she loves stuffed animals, so we've made a few. In return for my assistance (it's my fabric and thread...actually, the only thing she contributres to the stuffed animals is the stuffing! :-D) she brought over her label maker and made labels for all the drawers and boxes in my sewing room. That was an enormous help. I didn't think it would be, but it's gotten a lot easier to find what I've put in those drawers! Of course that sort of takes the fun out of finding things I didn't remember owning.... ;-D
Charlotte, you two have a nice arrangement. Making stuffed animals is a creative art. You can always have her make you a "What's in Here?" drawer label. Ha Ha Ha.
I like that! It would be like Christmas everytime I opened it! LOL
I feel like it's Christmas each time I visit my UHaul storage area. It is about 5 miles from where I live and I sometimes forget what in there. I only visit abour 4-5 times a year and it's always fun. Have a good evening. Diana
Your class sounds like a lot of fun. Please post photos as you proceed. I'd like to peek in! It is so wonderful that you swapping with your teaching and your teenage neighbor helping sort in your organize your sewing room. That's a great start for her on organizing and teaching a new student is so freshly rewarding. I would also like to see photos of her work. A breath of fresh air....Diana
Sally, I have an aunt just like you and I wish that I had the focus to be like the two of you. Actually she is one of the "monsters" that I created by introducing her to quilting in her 60's. She is an excellent appliquer (sp?) and is extremely particular about each step in her process. One difference in the two of you is that she would never give it to a thrift store. She would keep it because she love "storing" her things. Diana
Kathy, I am like you and love it! I may have mentioned it before, I am shopping for items in my own storage. I will be starting a group study of the Art Quilt Workbook and there are several items to purchase. Most of them I had not even opened. The only thing I need is paint and silk cocoons. My "shopping basket is full". The joys of shopping!! Smiles, Diana
Hi, My adivise to you is stop asking your husband his advise. Start as many pojects as you want.

Also, I love watching Monk

No, you are not alone. As a quilter, there are days when I want to sew and others when I'd rather cut. Sometimes I even select fabrics for yet another project. I have so many unfinished projects that I can't count them. Now, I have joined my first online study book. The book and a lot of the notions were purchased a year ago. I just did not do anything with more with it. The book has lots of techniques that I always wanted to try. Being online and working with people from all over sounded interesting. It is also another way for me to commit and finish projects. It is spaced with plenty of time for me to continue with my daily grind. We start Feb 7th and continue until we go through the book. I will have lots of goodies to show and finish. You have a lot of company, you are not alone. Smiles
would you be willing to share more information on this 'online`study book?


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