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I purchased from the CT fabric line above (a total of 15 yards) to make pillowcases for my six adult children for Christmas presents. I thought it would be a great gift idea to go with the quilts they inherited from their grandmother (my mom).
Well, for any of you who live in FL who probably know this already. Winter in FL, particularly around the holidays means company so I waited too long to make the pillowcases and during the month of November into December, when I planned on doing all this sewing I had non stop company. That means non stop cooking, cleaning, laundry, entertaining etc. Love the company but it takes a chunk out of discretionary sewing time; even if you're retired.
Sooooo, now to make this long story short I have decided to use this fabric to make a quilt.

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No Renee, I don't find the flannel hard to use. I've also made many rag quilts with the flannel, and I love them. The kids just love the comfy-ness (?) of the flannel pillow case. It started with my older granddaughter when she thought she was a princess, and I've just continued with them ever since. I know I love getting into bed with a nice flannel sheet set, so it just seemed natural. I don't like cutting or using that fleece or something called minkie material. Tried it once on a receiving blanket and never again. The grandkids range in age from 11 down to 1. There are 6 boys and 2 girls. 2 of the boys are 2 1/2 yr old twin. I babysit them everyday along with their 6 yr old sister who has to be put on and off the school bus. I also babysit everyday for my younger daughter's 3 1/2 yr old daughter and 20 month old son. It's nice that the cousins are growing up together especially since they are so close in age. My older son has the 3 remaining boys, ages 11,6 and 1. I see them a lot but not everyday. We put up an ice skating rink in our backyard, so while the weather has been so cold, they've all been over on weekends to skate. The house is all topsy turvy, but who cares? Hope you're having fun with whatever you're working on. thanks for keeping in touch!! - Jane
How wonderful to get to be in your grandchildren's everyday lives! We're spread out all over the country and I miss the children and grandchildren terribly. We've moved around a lot too. But here in Florida we see the kids more than we ever have before and their visits are longer. Spring breaks are coming up so we'll have another round of visits soon.
My youngest 2 sons are twins. They'll be 27 April 1st. We've had such fun with their "twinship" though we never made a big deal of it. They couldn't be more different and at 2 years old they sure gave me a run for my money. You are a brave and energetic Grandma (or it is Nana?)
After working (playing?) all day yesterday and tallying up total of 50 blocks on each of the 2projects in progress, today I had to play catch up on chores. 7 hours ironing-yuk!
Tomorrow yard work-yippee. Renee

I make pillowcases with every quilt I give as a gift. My grandchildren KNOW they will get pillowcases every year for their birthdays and Christmas! I try to find novelty prints to match their personalities. They are always SURPRIZED and it makes me feel so good that they still enjoy gifts made by NANA. The boys are now 18 and 21 and my GD is 12 - so you know I have made a gazillion pillowcases!! When they were younger, I, like Jane, made holiday pillowcases too! I also make my own pillowcases as the ones that some with sheetsets are too small to fit my queen sized pillows. And, of course, they match the quilts for my bed too! My method is to cut the main fabric 24" in length then trim from the fold to 20", then a coordinating strip WOF 3" (fold in half lengthwise and press) and another coordinating strip 12" (fold in half lengthwise and press) - I open out the 20" to 40" and add both folded strips, 1/1/2" first then 6" on top, cut edges together and serge (or sew) across - press with the small insert facing up, then fold in half and serge (or sew) the long edge, matching seams. I then lay the case flat, with the seam in the middle and serge (or sew) across the short end. I rethread the serger tails and use a bit of fraycheck on the corners and the bottom of the centered seam. If you sew it, just backtack. Turn right side out and press - These go together really fast!! I usually cut out 5 or 6 pair at a time, then zip zip zip through the serger - done in no time! The photo is of some pillowcases I made for the boys this year.
Oooooh Barb! I love it! I'm going to print up your directions and get started. What a great idea, making pillowcases with every quilt. Now I just have to finish all the quilts I've started. You know, I see all this novelty fabric in the shops but wonder what the heck I'd ever do with it. Now I know. Love the guitar fabric. I think I'm gushing too much. But I get so excited by the ideas I get here. Thanks.


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