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I have seen a question posted that has no replies as of yet. I'd like to reply and tell of my experience with her question topic, but there is no place below it to put in my comments. Why? I've answered a couple of other questions and there were other replies and a place to put mine, so is there something special I need to do in order to get the reply to this block open?

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there should be a "reply to this" underneath the person who posted it. click on that and it should bring u to a window to type in.
I know there usually is, but in this case there isn't. It's the post that asks for help in making bias tape in several colors.
p.s. thanks for replying
You got me! I noticed that a "just started" thread on hand quilting was suddenly "closed for comments". There is a small line of print stating this where the reply box should be...maybe you could check and see if the person who posted it accidentally closed it (either that or administration did, but I can't imagine why they would without posting the reason for it). Maybe they are still working out the bugs in the system?
possibly. I was surprised that mine had a comment box under it. maybe the sender accidently did it. Thanks for replying.


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