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Hello Mysterious Quilters!  Please sign up again and when we all have enough time to decide whether to participate, I'll start the clues.  Let's figure on the first one being Sunday, Feb. 16th., a week from today.

I'll post the fabric requirements first, in a day or two.  This one has only TWO main fabrics and a teeny bit of a third accent fabric.

Thanks...this is a pretty one!

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Question - What is the finished size of the quilt?  I'm going back to the drawing board on fabric choices, since it looks like they have extra fabric included I might be able to make something else work.

Never mind I found it!

Good....I wasn't in a position to answer you, Lynne, so glad you found it.

My fabric are of the Christmasy variety.  It is what I had on hand, so that's what it will be.  As I lay out the fabrics together, I like them, so guess that is all it takes.

On to stitching out Clue #1. 

Happy Monday, mystery quilters!!  Here is Clue #2 from sunny New Mexico!!

Gather the 24 units completed in Clue #1 PLUS 12 of the 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" Link fabric rectangles.
 Sew two of the Clue #1 unites to opposite long sides of the Link fabric rectangle.  
Press the seams toward the Link fabric rectangle. This will give you 12 units which are now called Block A.

It's Monday, Mystery Quilters!!!!!!   Here is Clue #3:

Gather the 12 A Block from Clue #2 PLUS 8 of the 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" Feature fabric rectangles.   Make 4 rows as follows:   An A Block, a Feature Fabric rectangle, an A Block, a Feature Fabric rectangle and an A Block.
You should have three A Blocks and two Feature Fabric rectangles in each row, starting and ending with the A Block. Press the seams toward the rectangles.  These are the X Rows. 

Good Monday Morning!!

Clue #4

Gather 24 of the 3 1/2” Chain fabric squares and 12 of the 3 1/2” Feature fabric squares.

Sew one Chain square to opposite sides of each Feature square, making 12 units. Press the seam allowances toward the chain fabric.

Well, it's Monday!!  Time for another clue!  And since some of you might be trying to stay home more in the current health crisis, what better time to start (if you haven't already) this mystery quilt!!  It'a a fun one and pretty cool!!  Just page back to get the fabric/cutting requirements and clues.

Clue #5:

Gather 6 of the Link Fabric rectangles and the 12 strips completed in Clue #4.

Sew 2 strips from Clue #4 to the opposite long sides of each Link Fabric rectangle.

Press the seam allowances toward the Link Fabric rectangle. This is now Block B. Make 6.

Good Monday morning!!  I hope everyone is staying well, physically and mentally!!  To help with the mental part, here is the next mystery clue for your therapeutic enjoyment!!

Clue #6

Gather the 6 Chain Fabric rectangles and 6 Feature Fabric 9 ½ “ x 9 1/2” squares.

Sew 1 Chain Fabric rectangle to each Feature Fabric square. Press the seam allowances toward the Chain Fabric rectangle.
This is now Block C. Make 6.

And the completed block....wouldn't let me put it in the last post.

It's Monday!!  And time to post the next clue for our mystery!  I hope you all using your stitching as therapy in the isolation we are experiencing now.

Clue #7:
Gather 6 “B” Blocks and 6 “C” Blocks.  Sew one B Block to the Feature Fabric side of each C Block.  NOTE: Make sure to position the B Block with the Link Fabric rectangle set horizontally. Press the seam allowances toward the Feature Fabric square.  This now makes an X Unit and you will have 6 of them.

Whoa!!  I totally spaced out posting the next clue this morning!!  Everyone must be sewing masks since no one asked where it was!

Clue #8:
Gather the 6 X Units from Clue #7 and 2 of the 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” Feature Fabric squares. Sew one X Unit to opposite sides of each Feature Fabric square.  Be sure this row begins and ends with a Chain Fabric rectangle. Press the seam allowances toward the center square.  This is now Row Y.


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