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I know people who write get writers' block, but does anyone ever get "quilter's block" I go into the fabric store or quilt shop and I'm bombarded with all the delicious colors and patterns and my mind just goes blank. I have several quilt books with patterns, but I'm having trouble deciding what to make next. I made my kids each a quilt of log cabin blocks, and now I am ready to tackle a little more challenging pattern, but not so complicated that I get frustrated and it becomes another UFO. I would like to hear how you handle this dilemma.

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That is a great question! I have never had quilter block but for awhile I did not do any quilting or sewing. I think a lot of it had to do with my DH getting Cancer. Nothing seemed to matter but that at the time. But once we started treatment and it was working I was able to get back to my quilting guild. Once I saw what everyone was working on and just being with my quilting friends, as soon as I got home I got my quilting out and have not stopped since. I have always had something I wanted to make or try. Of course many things are never going to be finished because I just didn't like it and was going to take WAY too much time. We have had speakers come to our guild meeting with quilts that have taken them a year or more to make! I can't do that! Just pick something you think you might like to try and make a wall hanging. If you like it enough then go for the quilt!
I can sorta relate I get overwhelmed in store. what is that saying ...so much fabric so little time. lol So i shop on line I am not so inclined to impulsive shopping. You can buy (most sites) as little as .25 yard and I can take as much time as I like, look have a cup of tea and look some more.. It works for me ...Not one bad experience in 5 years
No comment on UFO got to many to comment..lol
I love it a UFO quilt lol ,,, I've had this problem and it going to take time to pick a nice pattern to get you back quilting , My problem was not so much not quilting it was picking fabric . I called it burn out fabric shopping and I don't like kits . but you might like a kit to get started and maybe join a class lots of people get kick started with a class and they can help you if you have a problem with the pattern ,, Now I'm off to look for my old UFo I love it ,, good luck and happy sewing
Hi all, Thanks for your insight. I went to a local quilt shop on Saturday and got inspired again. I'm going to try the Tossed Nine Patch next time. I've been gathering FQ's , but I need to figure out a border theme and decide on the center square color. I want something light and colorful. This winter has been so dark and grey, I'm ready for some soft colors in my quilt. I also signed up for a Weaver Fever class. That should be fun.
Hi Pinky....If I understand the question....I have had quilters Block. It happens to me when I'm in the shop and there so many choices, what goes with what, do I really and I mean REALLY like it....etc...then my brain can't decide and too many decisions all at once and then it happens.......QUILTERS BLOCK!! I can't deal and leave to come back another day after thinking on it for a while and usually I'm glad because I end up liking what I chose the 2nd time around. Nothing wrong with taking our time and picking wisely and I agree with SSmittee, its nice to shop on line where we can have a cup of coffee/hot choc. and take all the time in the world. Thats whats so nice about Connecting Threads site, great fabrcs and such.
When I get that way I decide to do a smaller project and that really helps me. That way you usually tend to get it done more quickly and it kind of rejuvenates you. Also, just taking a break from it for a few days. You'll see, you'll be anxious to get back to something.
I don't think it's really a "quilters block" - I think we are surrounded with too many choices and not certain in which direction to go. I have several projects in varies degrees if being finished, while I'm in the middle of one project - I'm thinking about the next one I want to complete or the next one I want to start.

I think we go thru stages of what we enjoy (or tolerate) doing - when I first began pre-rotary days, I hated the process of drawing around a template & then cutting it out by hand. I only enjoyed the piecing. Now I kind of like the designing part - playing around with fabrics to obtain a specific look.

Sometimes I have the "need" to complete something - so I will make a table runner, then go back to the larger quilt. I do sometimes go for weeks without sitting in front of my sewing machine - it's more from wanting to complete a genealogy brick-wall than it is from having a quilters block.

There just aren't enough hours in each day to handle TWO addictions!!!!! lol
Sometimes quilters block or quilters dilemma as I call it is caused by uncertiantly about whether we will like doing a project. For me that will happen with a pieced block. can I stand doing 30 for a quilt top? That is where indulging in fatquarters of fabrics that catch your eye comes in handy. I make a sample block. If I like making it the project is a go. If not, but I think I can stand to make a couple more, it ends up as a table runner for a gift. If I really hate the process of that block, I put it in the orphan block basket and when there are enough of those for a quilt, I have a nice sampler quilt for Mercy Flights, Veterans, Nursing Home, etc.
I agree with QuiltingB52, I sometimes have periods where I just don't feel like quilting. I don't understand why I don't want to do something I really love, but I don't fight it. I am kind of in that place right now but I think a lot of it has to do with the mess in the quilt room! I have a day to myself so I should.... And I always have several projects going at once, which are not the same as UFOs (in my mind anyway). I have one covering another project on the design wall behind my as I type! I know one thing that can kick start me again is when a new quilting magazine comes in!

Let me take a minute to get on my soap box here. Have you ever wondered about how to do the next step on a quilt, or needed the right fabrics to go with something? Maybe it's how to lay something out, or the right border. Those are things that people at your local quilt shop are more than happy to help you with. You cannot get that help from an online store! I live about 30 minutes from Fabric Depot in Portland, where they have so many wonderful fabrics, but matching, layouts, finding the right fabric is not something most of them can or will help you with. There a a few wonderful ladies working their who I know through the guild, but the helpful quilters don't wear a special name tag that says they are a quilter, and they don't have a space where you can layout what you have so they can look and make suggestions. Heaven forbid, I would never lay a quilt on the floor there like I have done in some shops!!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOP OR THEY MAY HAVE TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO KEEP THE DOORS OPEN. I love shopping in my jammies, but I love having the help from people who know what they are talking about and who have the time and desire to help you. Off the soap box, Kathleen!

Enjoy a day filled with quilting, and don't let that "block" worry you, it will go away!
I've had sewing/quilting block, big time. It's either frustration over sons "moving mom's stuff" again or just no time to concentrate on sewing. I usually pacify the blank mind with a "color fix", bouquet of embroidery floss or 2 favorite color/print .25 yd each for a favorite block-log cabin, straight lines, until the hum of machine blows out the cobwebs. I spend lots of time "alone" since sisters are 2000 miles away. Some people I thought were friends turn out not to be, so I really enjoy this blog-opps almost got glob out of word. Triangles actually can bring on the stuck-block for me; I tend to avoid them. I really like crazy patch especially if I can embroider a daisy bouquet in middle of pieces. Betty
I get that way too! I found, what I really enjoy, is making different blocks! I don't always put all the blocks into any one quilt right away, & find I don't need to be making big quilts, but it's like each little block is it's own little project. Works for me, so try it, it might work for you too!


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