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The Pinwheel Block is comprised of Half Square Triangles (HSTs). This
week, we’ll start with the simplest form, using just four completed
HSTs. There are so many techniques for creating a HST, but this week
we’ll start with the two most common. Weeks 2 and 3 will be
demonstrations using some specialty tools and rulers out there to help
speed the process for you. Pick your favorite or try them all!

Check out our new EQ Pattern Freebies Page.  Here you'll find all the blocks and patterns we used throughout each weeks tutorial.  If you have EQ6, all you have to do is download the file and start to play!

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Oops, meant step 2 not step#3 (maybe i will invent step 3 if step 2 doesn't work for me..haha)
haha - let me know when you invent step 3 :)

Seriously though, have you verified lately that your quarter inch foot is doing it's job? Take a couple of 2 inch squares (or any whole inch square), sew them together, press them open and see if your foot is giving you an accurate 1/4" seam. That's usually my problem. I know that I have to keep the fabric just a "hair" away from the foot, and then I have to pay attention the whole seam to be sure I get that true 1/4" seam.
Thanks, Karen, I will check that. I just finished a quilt that was close to perfect so I don't think it is the foot. Ya know what, it may be that the problem is me! Imagine that!hahaha!
A trick that I learned to know if the seam is a true 1/4" is to use an index card.
The lines are 1/4" apart, so take the seam and line it up on an index card. If the edge goes over a line on the index card, then the seam is more than a quarter inch, if you see the line, then the seam is less than quarter inch.
To see if the foot is really sewing a quarter-inch seam, take the index card and run a stitch on one of the lines. Then reverse it and sew the quarter inch. Turn the card over, if the second set of stitches is exactly on the line, then you have a true quarter inch seam.
A friend of mine marks her machine bed for a quarter inch also so that she always puts the fabric in the same spot. I do not do this and sometimes I think I do get my seams off even though I use the quarter inch foot that came with my machine.
Thanks for the tips - I am keeping all these in a notebook for future reference. Now, here I go again to try another pinwheel. I have lots of new and good info! Be back....maybe.
Good tip ranchmom! Thanks.

I am exhausted! Funny how a little pinwheel can drain you! I have learned several things, I won't go into it because I am sure experienced quilters like you all know exactly what I've been learning! Just want to say, that I do like the second method. I do still need practice. But this one turned out better than the first ones.
I am going to get a cup of hot tea and give myself a break.
Ahhhh, very nice Vic! Frankly, I'm not a good piecer - I prefer applique and raw edge things - anything to keep from having to be perfect - so I've stayed far far away from pinwheels! That's why I'm trying all these new techniques. Enjoy your tea.
What a wonderful opportunity! Class online--thank you so much Karen.

As a long-time dressmaker before coming to quilting, I'll share two tips about HSTs.
Tip 1. For technique #1, put your finger BEHIND the presser foot as you sew the raw edge bias to prevent it stretching. It will bunch up a little trying to feed itself through, but the little bit of back pressure keeps it smooth (not too much pressure or you can actually gather the seam, which is how we set sleeves in smoothly.)
Tip 2. When pressing the seam, NEVER press in the direction of the bias seam; always press on the grain line and the seam won't stretch out of shape at all.
Mel thank you for the tips I had forgotten about putting my finger behind the presser foot and it does make a difference.
Anyway you can send any programs for EQ5 users?


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