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I just love a quilt with applique. What is your favorite applique technique?

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Hi Louisa, I have this book and took a class from Harriet Hargrave - she's a wonderful teacher and the book is outstanding. Plus it 's on sale at Amazon.com: Mastering Machine Applique: The Complete Guide Including Invisible Machine Applique, Satin Stitch, Blanket Stitch and Much More by Harriet Hargrave

About hand applique (my personal favorite, here are a couple you'll find helpful. Robyn Pandolf is a talented fabric designer and I've seen her qulits - beautiful. Karen Kay Buckley is a talented quilter and judge. I haven't read either of these books, but I would consider them just on the basis of their reputation.
Needleturn Applique Made Easy by Robyn Pandolph (Paperback - April 2004)
Applique Basics: Flower Wreaths by Karen Kay Buckley (Paperback - Feb 2000)

Hope this helps. Barb
I recently got a new book "Hand Applique by Machine" by Beth Ferrier. Just finished trying out a block of my own choosing & really like her method! Reading the posts here, I see another way to try to use this method. Instead of the freezer paper, use the stabilizer, which would eliminate having to remove the back fabric & the freezer paper, so, may have to try that too & thereby, elimanating a few unneeded steps, right! This is cool! Love applique, but don't want to taking forever doing it all by hand. I have tried most of the methods here, but really like these new methods of doing it by machine!...

Here is my experimental block I did from Beth's book, that I mentioned before. I used her technique, but the block is from the CT pattern, shown beside it! Really love this technique, but want to try it with the stabilizer background too, so it would eliminate having to remove the freezer paper. Then see which I prefer. This does give the applique that nice flat, blending into the fabric effect though, so am real happy with the results!

Nancy - this is beautiful!!!! I love the colors and the way they are reversed on the pattern. Barb
Thanks for all your compliments on my experimental block! Beth's technique works, on this pattern I just had to do it all, one layer at a time, but it worked like a gem! She mentions a damp cloth for 20 min, then remove paper, but I pushed it a little, spray it all, in needed areas with a water bottle, then put it between a towel for about 20 min & removed the paper, then ironed it dry. As you can see, it worked out well this way too! Love this block, don't have enough fabric left to do more just like it, but will use the pattern again I'm sure! Thanks again, glad you all love it too!
Hi Nancy - I'm not familiar with this technique, but do you cut the backing away like you do in regular applique? Barb
Yes, Barb, that's why I had to do the steps in layers. In her book, she mostly does a single layer of applique, cutting the back fabric, once you have sewn around it, with clear thread on the front. Got to thinking, if there are layers, how would you be able to remove all the individual layers of paper, right? So, the answer, I figured out, is remove it from each layer, when completed, then move on to the next layer.I guess her main difference is you are doing the applique by machine, versus, doing it all by hand.
Sounds like the way I'd do it. I always get a kick out of my beginner students when I tell them that after you finish sewing, I'll show them how to cut out the back to cut down on layers - then there's the expressiion on their faces when I cut into the back of the block!

I will have to try the technique you're using. Barb
Well, I bought some stabilizer today, thinking, it was what I wanted for this applique by machine method, but now I don't think it's the right stuff. It says you can even run it through your printed, & can soak your object in water when done & it disolves, but, it's not fusible, grr, forgot to look for something fusible! I'm sure I can use this for other things, but wanted it for this, like Running with Scissors was telling us about.

This is by Sulky, called "Paper Solvy" Water Soluble Stabilizer. Anyone use this before, just curious?

Am thinking here, yeah, I know, dangerous huh! LOL! If I am using the water soluable glue, I could use that to glue it to the fabric, like you would if you could fuse it, & it should work, right? And have the same end results, right? Am just wondering, as you can tell, lol! Any help is appreciated!

Good morning, quiet list right now, what's everyone being doing over the holiday weekend? I pulled out a COP/UFO last night, & am working on it. It has applique on it, & wasn't really happy with the look when I put it aside for a bit. Now, with this new freezer paper method I have had a chance to try, I am back playing with it! A bit more work this way, than the fuse & edge stitch method they recommend, but I am sure I will like the end results much better. I do love the applique much better this way!
Nancy/NC..looks like rain off & on all week here, good time to quilt!
This discussion has gone quiet unfortunately! I am posting because on a lovely road trip yesterday I picked up a new applique book, at one of the shops we stopped at & I love it already! It is called "Hop To It! Applique Blocks & Projects" but Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts. It is one beautiful book, all of you applique fans should check it out!


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