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Good evening everyone. I would like to know if someone ask you to make a crib quilt 40 x 40 how much should you charge.


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Sandy, This is always tricky because we hate to make things so concrete, but you need to put a value on your time as well as on your supplies. Think about how much time it takes you to get this project completed. I would suggest charging @ $100 for a small quilt. Is there any place near you that sells quilts so you could get a sense of local prices? Don't sell yourself short!
Gayle, Thank you for your information its very helpful.
When I charge to have a quilt made, I charge by the square foot... my last project, a queen size, I charged $1000...
(width X length)/144 gives you square foot. My rate then was $15.00. it included materials, etc. I kept a time log on the project, and of course the price includes, labor, electricity, trips to the fabric store, etc. the labor for that project, time wise, averaged less than $6.00/ hour..less than minimum wage.
Good luck...Theadra, Ypsilanti, MI
Wow, it seems like a lot, but when you break it down it isn't. I have also done quilts for someone, I started by having them buy the materials, pattern, and thread. Then I also used the square ftage. but it averaged out to be about 5.50 an hr. it was a full/qn size.
This is a tough one for me. If it's a friend or neighbor then my rates are much lower-first because I love that person and want to give them something that they want and two-they are your best source of advertisement when they show it off!

If they just have an overall idea about what they want (girl-colors-size-style) but they aren't particular about a certain collection or manufacturer etc, and I have stash fabric that will work, I'll charge them less because I'm using up something I just had taking up space. If they want a specific brand of fabric, a certain pattern, and it have to put more time into the details, then I charge more.

The last crib sized quilt I made for a friend was a shower gift to one of her friends. I used fabric scraps from my stash, I tried out a pattern I'd be dying to use (so making it was both FUN and a learning experience for me) and I only charged her $45 because it went together quickly. I'm sure I could have sold it in a city boutique somewhere for far more than that, but she had given me a "ballpark" range of what she would have spent on a baby shower gift and I knew the quilt would be oogled and adored by the shower attendees. I of course swore her to secrecy on the price and told her that she got the "friend" discount. I got two calls the same day as the shower from two guests asking questions about getting their own "custom" quilts.

Like gayle said-if you overprice for your local market your customer won't be happy and won't recommend you. But make it worth your time and effort or people will take advantage of you.
Thanks! But when it comes right down too it, each one would be different. Especially the fabric of Minkee is runs about 16.50 - 19.50 and the Chenille and that runs about 16.00 or more to. The quilt I`m talking about its in my profile. That I made for a baby shower. Her colors were pink and yellow.
Boy! I didn't know this was going to be hard. The size is 42x58.

Thanks! Again
For that specific quilt I'd do as suggested above and total the cost for the fabric and add in my price per hour and if that total was a price that you think your market could handle then go for it!

Something I did for a quilt that used Chenille was to scour the thrift stores in my area for second hand bathrobes and older bedspreads. They were a gold mine. I washed them well and then cut my squares out of the parts that were in good condition. Just a suggestion.
For instant if the total cost is around 70.00 for fabric and how much do you charge for price per hour.

I didn't think about thrift stores for the Chenille, thanks for the idea.
I agree with this. I wouldn't base the selling price of your quilt on its size. If you have to buy fabric, you need to start by paying for that and then add the cost of your time. I like to get $15 per hour when I do dressmaking, but I don't expect that for quiltmaking. I probably get less than $10 per hour for that. Sometimes it's closer to $5, if I am doing a complex project that takes longer.

I have purchased chenille at thrift stores, too. A few years ago, I bought a couple twin-sized white chenille bedspreads at Walmart for $19.99 each. They dyed up very nicely. I don't know if they have those anymore, though.
Hi everyone! What well organized quilters! I had not thought about sq. footage as a guide. I must say I only used up fabric from my stash & pattern I had when I made quilts for sale. I think you need to cover your costs, so if you are buying fabric it is that plus the $100. But why wasn't I charging for my older fabric? Good question! I find customers really do not understand the time & effort we take, which is one of the reasons I withdrew from the boutique I had my quilts in, that & a total lack of time. I think being able to document your expenses & time will help you. Good Luck!
I always give a price for the quilt then add 'plus materials'. If I use my stash, I charge for the yardage. Whatever type fabric it is, designer or not, I'll charge the market rate for the fabric. The same goes for the batting.
If the quilt is going to have machine embroidery designs on it, I charge for those separately.
Charge whatever you think your time and talent are worth. If people don't want to pay the price, so be it. Don't sell yourself short.
Yes, I think Dawn has the right idea. There are so many varients; is there paperpiecing or hand turned applique involved. Are the blocks complex or simple. Does it need a bias binding or a regular binding. Is it going to be tied, hand quilted or machined?
If you are in a guild, ask your fellow guild members for their opinions. Many of them will have been in the same position.
Base your labour on minimum wage in your state.


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