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just a question, I would like to do a center medallion quilt with a Mariner's Compass in the center, am I going to have a really hard time if I try to do this on my machine, or am I just asking for trouble all around...I haven't found a pattern with the size I need, but my DS says that we can "size it up" to fit what I need, am a little nervous about starting and so I was wondering if anyone has any advice...Thanks

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Hi Rebecca, I think the best approach for you would be paper piecing. I've seen extrememly complex designs done perfectly with PP. Give it a try on a smaller piece. There are plenty of good instructions on that: http://www.paperpanache.com/howto/howto.htm (then go to help & info for more refinements.
Rebecca,,, I am currently trying to finish a Mariner's Compass that has been a UFO since the late 1990's!! It's a Judy Mathieson design. She uses freezer paper, and has some wonderful hints in her books.
I agree. I took a class from her and it was a fun day. She's very talented.
You might want to consider using one of Carol Doak's Mariner's Compass designs also. They are paper pieced and come out very accurately.
thank you ladies, I really have fallen for a beautiful design that I have seen on a site that sell Amish quilts, but I simply wouldn't want to use a quilt that I paid that much money for, not that it wouldn't be worth the money, but being a practical girl"meaning cheap", I really like to have the option of using them, and I really like for things to be what they are, if it is a quilt, I want to cover up with it, I'm sure you know the type,,,,,must be my granny's genes showing themselves...but I was a little put off at how to start,,, I am going to investigate the website you suggested Quiltdragon, and I am also going to check out Judy Matheson's designs...Thanks , I'll let you know how it turns out....l
Brenda Henning has a 26 1/2 inch mariners compass pattern on her Bear Paw Productions website. It includes templates and paper pieced pattern and is surrounded by half square triangles using the triangulations method. Not sure what size you were looking for. The pdf is located at : http://www.bearpawproductions.com/Compass_Quilterstv.pdf
Thank you Budsgram, this is a very good size, all of the ones that I had found made smaller, 16 or less and didn't seem to work for the size of the quilt, but I think this one will, also, very clear patterns, wish me luck, I am going to give it a try and see how it goes... Thanks again.
I am glad that you found something that might work. I would appreciate seeing your block when it is finished. I have saved that pattern for over a year thinking maybe someday I would try it. It seems to be doable even for me. Letting me know how it goes would be appreciated.
This is what I love about this group - everyone is so willing to share things. I have usually faced the idea of Mariners Compass with much fear and trembling. But I checked out the website and I cannot wait to start. Many thanks. The other MC looks fabulous. Joyce
now that I have a pattern that might be doable, I have to decide on a color combo that will work for the other part of the quilt as well, my son has also fallen in love with the Storm at Sea pattern, which I have in my collection, and he wants it in shades of blue, so we will probably do the Compass in blues as well, because if it goes well I would like to use it as a center and use the SAS pattern to work the surrounding quilt, I can see it in my head so now I need to work out the particulars...will keep you posted, and thanks again for your help....I'm sure I will be needing it again....
Rebecca,,, just wanted to give you a heads up on one piece of the Mariner's compass block Budsgram recommened. Its a great pattern, and I have copied it and have it on file,,, my point is, that the setting block,,, that encompasses the circle of the compass, you need to put the longest side on the straight of the grain. Hope this makes sense,,, as I just finished a MC and on 3 of them, cut them wrong, by not paying attention, and ended up with bias edges. This is template A in the instructions, page 2.
That sounds like a great quilt! Do you use templates to make your SAS blocks? It just looks like a hard block. I was wondering if you had an easier version that you have found. I think it is a great block in combo with the mariner's compass.


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