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just a question, I would like to do a center medallion quilt with a Mariner's Compass in the center, am I going to have a really hard time if I try to do this on my machine, or am I just asking for trouble all around...I haven't found a pattern with the size I need, but my DS says that we can "size it up" to fit what I need, am a little nervous about starting and so I was wondering if anyone has any advice...Thanks

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I have a book that breaks it down in the sections and it actually seem fairly simple compared to some of the patterns that I have seen, I'll try to find the one with the breakdown and post a picture of it if I can...I am exiled from my sewing building because of the cold and have been moving things in and out to work on, so can't always put my hands on what I am looking for...will keep you posted....
I have instructions that make a 12" block for the Storm at Sea quilt and the directions that are found at www.quilterscache.com/S/StormatSeaBlock.html are wonderful...she outlines it as just one block but explains and shows examples of the entire quilt...the block size is also a good one if you are just doing a pillow cover or something for practice....check out this site if you are interested...I found some perfect dark blue that reads almost black for 1 leg of my compass and I think instead of white or cream I am going to use a light blue solid...if I can find something that suit the other pieced compass point, I'm in business....I think the 1 point that is not pieced is going to be a really dark red, and I am leaning toward a golden brown for the other pieced points but am still exploring....but now I am excited so the exploring is going to have to be eureka very soon...LOL thanks for your help, and I will keep you posted....
Storm at Sea is a beautiful block if the colors are placed right - it really does look like an ocean. That's on my "someday to do" list. Thanks for the link
I just had to let you ladies know that I have started my Mariner's Compass, supposed to be working on something else, but just got excited...had to go out yesterday so I stopped at the not so local quilt shop near where I was doing errands...found the fabric that I was looking for, a little pricey, but I only needed a little....I came home and just couldn't stand it any longer...so after I feed the family I settled in for some serious sewing therapy...I have never paper pieced full size blocks before...only mini's for projects...had to pick out and redo a few times, but as of this morning I have 8 sections and thank you for the note about the straight of grain...you were dead on...you need the curve to have a little give but that edge needs to be very still....I have them pinned and by the end of today I will have a MC without the borders....I am also going to the the triangles with the overlay that came with the pattern...I figure if I am going to learn from this experience I should go all the way...If you are even considering a MC...this pattern is great...I am so excited that it is working...not perfect, but I would definitely consider doing it again...will post a pic as soon as I get to my borders...hopefully by the end of week or first of next...I do have to work on the Project that I pushed aside for this....Thank you ladies so much for your help and advice....you are all wonderful.....have a great day...
Wow! Rebecca, sounds like you are having a great time. I can't wait to see photos. I am glad that the pattern worked and you are having a great time and learning some new things.
I'm looking forward to photos and seeing your progress also.
I have 2 sides of the little triangle borders on, sewing them with the overlay was great....3 sheets and I had enough to go all around....I also spent the day with my sister yesterday, working on our project for church...Our pastor's wife had commissioned a quilt that our ladies group is doing as a fund raiser....a king size grandmother's fan...well it is now 4 rows and a border from being complete, but I have to cut some more blocks,,,my compass has to wait because we want to try to put it in on Thursday next week to quilt...but I have faith and it will be done...also I will have the borders on my compass and be ready to start assembly on the other blocks .....I was absolutly amazed...at how the compass looks...not perfect, but very good for me and I think very pretty, ended up making a color adjustment because my background blue was to close to the light blue in my point, but very pleased with the results, pictures as soon as possible...
Rebecca, I am also looking forward to seeing pictures.
I knew you would love the triangulations sheets. They sure make making half square triangles so easy. I am also glad that you are happy with your efforts. All this talk makes me want to make one sooner than later but I really need to stay focused. It would be great if everyone who tries this pattern, post a picture so we can see all the different versions. I was wondering about quilting a MC? Has anyone every quilted one or have any suggestions?
Rebecca--i've really enjoyed this thread. I printed out the MC pattern, and I think I could do this one. The suggestions have been helpful to me too. The SAS and MC combination is really meaningful--love the idea and will look forward to seeing your quilt when it is finished. I would love to start on this now, but am being disciplined. I finished making my contributions for the quilt show sale, but I still have one more sleeve to sew on a bed-size quilt for the show. I'm still cutting out the DWR--almost through with that. I would like to have it finished for a quilt show in October, but it may be for next year, LOL.
I understand about staying focused...mine has been shot...that is why I haven't finished my borders on my block yet...have to have this grandmothers's fan ready to put in the frames on Thursday, so I can't work on my MC but..I have it laying where I can see it to remind me to keep plugging so that I can work on it...Oh what problems we have,,,so many quilts so little time....My cousin, who is one of my quilting buddies, laughing told me that she would like to be able to walk around in my head to see all the things that are going on, but I told her it was a maze and she would be just as lost as I am sometimes....but this is a really good pattern...I think most any one who tries it will get good results, (If I can, anyone can)....
Are you trying to convince me I have time for this, and need to do one? Your doing a good job. I was thinking of making one as a wall hanging or a table top centerpiece. I have navy burgundy and greens all over my house and a big rug in the dining room with those colors, I might have to fit that in. My DH and I were talking about getting away from the TV alittle bit more and doing some piecing may help with that. I will have to think about it a bit more and look around for some fabrics next time I go to Little Rock. I have to go soon since I ran out of hand quilting thread.
Have you thought any on how you would quilt a mariners compass?


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