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just a question, I would like to do a center medallion quilt with a Mariner's Compass in the center, am I going to have a really hard time if I try to do this on my machine, or am I just asking for trouble all around...I haven't found a pattern with the size I need, but my DS says that we can "size it up" to fit what I need, am a little nervous about starting and so I was wondering if anyone has any advice...Thanks

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I printed off the pattern yesterday. I'm participating in a challenge w/another group where we have to try at least 2 new techniques or try patterns that are a bit more challenging than what we normally do during the months of March & April and then post a pic of what we have learned. I have already did 1, but am seriously thinking about making this project my 2nd one. I'm thinking this would make a great center for a round robin.
Can't wait to see photos Janet, glad that this project can fulfill your other project and give you an opportunity to try something you normally wouldn't do. The pattern is paper pieced so it should turn out quite accurate.
Help, Gals! Someone who has done a mariner's compass: I've never paper pieced before, but I got some help from an on-line video, but couldn't find directions for an MC. I'm using the templates from Brenda Henning's MC, but the pdf didn't come with any instructions. After struggling all week long - doing it backwards, ripping, restitching, chucking the slice, recutting fabric, restitching, ripping ... ad nauseum, I finally managed to get my 8 pie slices done in the right order. Now, do I sew the background pieces cut from the template to each one or do I stitch the slices into a whole pie, then stitch the background shapes together and sew the whole circle? I've just about reached my limit for frustration. I can see difficulties whichever way I do it. What's best?
I've had enough for now. Tomorrow will be a better day. Nighty-night.
Kit,, sorry to hear you have been struggling with your MC. Mine was freezer paper pieced, which I think is a little easier than paper pieced. You can check out my MC on my page, and if you scroll thru the photo's you will see a MC without the background attached.
Sew your slices into a pie,, sew your background into a square with a large center hole. Match your largest points with the seam on the background, and pin!!!! I pinned at every point, then also in the middle,, sew with the points toward you. Hope this helps.
Kit, if you sew the background pieces to your "slices" first and then make your pie, you have a completed square without the tears attached to putting a circle into a square... This worked the best for me....this little tidbit came from another lady, but it worked, when I had all 8 of my slices, I was concerned because apparently I don't see the order for pp in my head yet...although I am starting to get the hang of it...it is much easier if you attach your background to each slice and then when you are done you will be done....hope this makes sense....good luck....
Kit, I'm sorry to be so late in seeing your question. On Brenda Henning's MC you will see that each corner consists of a right & a left curved piece.

Sew the appropriate curved piece to the pie shape that matches it. You will have 4 right ones & 4 left ones. If you look at the picture of her compass, you should be able to tell which piece corresponds with which pie shape.

Then sew a right to a left and repeat 3 more times. At this point you will have 4 equal parts of your compass.

Sew 2 of these together and then repeat once. Now you will have 2 halves. Now sew one continuous line and you will end up with one complete compass.

I hope this makes sense, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Paper piecing is definitely the way to go - especially if yoou don't want to wind up trashing the piece and never touching one again! :( Both the Doaks paper piecing and the freezer paper piecing will work, but I am prejudiced toward the Doaks method as it comes with a cd instruction disc.
Well, I finally struggled through and have finished my first MC block. It's posted on my page because I have never been able to figure out how to put photos in a post. It would never pass inspection for competition, but I'm proud of it - for my perseverance if nothing else! Now for another first - the Triangulations way of making half-square triangles.
Kit,,, great job!!! Love the colors. Sure passes everything in my opinion!! Keep up the good work
I agree, Kit, your MC looks great. I really love the colors you used.
Thanks everyone for your comments about my MC. All I can say is whew! I'm still debating ripping my center one more time to get those blankety-blank points to match. I can live with the rest - they are close enough, but every time I look at the center I cringe. Guess that's my sign.
Kit,,, I can honestly say, I didnt notice the center!!! Until you brought it up!!! LOL Its something we all have to deal with at some point.


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