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I am new a quilting, but not to sewing. I am trying to mark a quilt top (baby) but I'm not sure how to go about it. I want to have the border to have hearts but not sure how to get it to come out evenly. I have tried to find sources but have not had any luck. I know I could have it done, but the fun part for me is to learn each step in the quilt making process. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to learn this art? I would appreciate any help I can get.

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I have not done this but I would think you should measure how big the part is that will have the hearts. Measure how big the heart is and then see how many hearts will go in that area. For example---you have a heart thats length measure 6 inches. You have a quilt that is 48 inches long. Divide 6 into 48 and you ge 8. Remember you have to leave a seam allowance also. That's what I would do. I usually tie my quilts, however, I do sometimes machine quilt baby quilts. I do mine unconventionally though. On most of my baby quilts I have quilted them with various stitches from my embroidery machine. I have used Christmas trees on Christmas quilts. I hope this helps you.
Thank you Mary, I really appreciate it. I am really excited to get this quilt done. You have just verified what I was thinking but I needed some reasurance. Thanks! Talk to you later.


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