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If your from Texas you know about the extreme changes in weather and how quickly they can change. I have a computerized machine as several of us do and was scared to turn it on during a weekend of severe lightning storms. My machines are my babies. I unplug as a saftey precaution too. Ive heard of damage to your computer so i dont chance it.
Denise in Texas

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I know exactly what you mean! We get storms here in Platte City (just outside Kansas City) that have me turning off and unplugging EVERYTHING! I grew up in Oklahoma in Tornado Alley, so I'm terrified of the severe storms anyway - the warnings come on, and the cats and I head for the basement to wait them out. I've lost a couple of machines and had to replace them because I didn't take the time to turn off and unplug. Talk about learning the hard way!!!! Definetly NOT the way I prefer to upgrade!
Annie C. Shaw in Missouri
oh Annie I m glad you shared that information with us, its very Helpful for anyone with a computerized machine.
Denise in Tx


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