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Hi everyone, I am from Southeastern Ohio, the sun is shinning and looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. I am a newbie to this site but have used some of the fabrics from Connecting Threads and love them. I am currently working on a Mystery quilt from our guild. I have it all pieced and sewn together, but now need some ideas for the border. It is a 9 patch with a snowball block, all done scrapy..I can't decide if I need a plane border or a scrapy? Any suggestions? Hope to get to know all of you ....Quilty Hugs Nana

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Welcome. I joined last week so I am new also. No suggestions for your border.
Hi Nana, I'm from Ohio as well, southeast of Columbus, in Canal Winchester, close to Lancaster. Without seeing your quilt it's hard to say, but usually if the quilt is very busy, which scrap quilts usually are I try to pick out a color I want to feature and use that as the border. Doesn't have to be a solid color but something with a smaller print that from a distance looks more solid. But it's really whatever you prefer. Good luck and welcome to this site!
Yesterday I sat here on this computer and looked at all the pictures of the quilts...of course I did have a few breaks, but not many LOL!..I found one similar to the one I am working on, except she had her blocks on point.looks really good.and The border she did was one I had thought about doing so now I at least have some idea of what it would look like.Thank you for the comments.
I live in Albany, outside of Athens, Ohio University area. Thought I'd wake up to some ice this morning , but guess it will be here in about 4 hours..
I was going to start a new project last night , don't know what is up with me...looked at lots of patterns and things I bought over the holidays and just can't seem to get interested in anything...Ever have one of those days?
Hope everyone has a great Happy Tuesday...Nana
I believe I would go with a plain border. But if you prefer a scrappy border I would add a small 1 or 1 1/2 inch plain border and then a larger scrappy border. I think you would need something to separate the scrappy quilt from the scrappy border. Good luck!
Thank you, I went to quilt guild last night and saw some of the other girls quilts and really liked them...they put a plain border on...so that is probably what I'll do...I guess maybe a small print so that it does look plain...?!
I don't have any ideas for your border. I am new at quilting also. I would have to see the quilt in order to decide on borders for it.
HI Nana,
I am a Buckey as well.....from Newcomerstown ( Eastern part of the state.)
Was a quilter in my 20's then life took me away till last year.
Have usually made small throws, baby quilts & wall hangings for gifts.
I did finish a blue & cream checkerboard double sized one for my bed... took me forever as I quilted it on an 18 " hoop.
Now i will take future ones to a Local shop for quilting--ha!
Yes I would go w/ a plain or less busy border for your scrappy quilt.
Hope to see some of everyone's work
Hi Patsy, I have heard of Newcomerstown,,,,never been there...it is snowy here today...was dreaming there would be no more snow..didn't work..LOL
.I used to make the small throws and wall hangings and my husband keep saying when are you going to make a quilt...so I have been making bigger ones!! I do my own quilting , I have a Gracie Frame and a Janome long arm machine,..I used to send them out, but real
ly wanted to make the whole quilt. Still learning , always ready to try something new! Love a challenge too.Thanks for the imput on my border...Good to talk to you...Have a warm Thursday afternoon!! Nana
HI Nana,
Yes we got some snow & some sleet in the wee hours..glad i don't have to work the weekends.
Ok I am interested in several things you mentioned.....What is the Gracie Frame? Is it more space saving -- I have an antique walnut frame but no room to set it up.
Also I am interested down the road in buying a long arm...why did you decide on the Janome?
Canyou give me an idea of the cost....Are they easy to use?
For right now , I will be sending my quilts to be quilted at a local shop.. her rates seem reasonable.
Happy Quilting to you
Hi Patsy,
A Gracie frame(actually it is a Little Gracie II) is a quilting frame for machine quilting. I have the shorter one which only holds a quilt up to 96" wide...it has a place for your sewing machine to sit on and handles so that you can "drive" your machine and quilt..You can go to KathyQuilts.com and look at them ...
I bought the Janome because I really didn't want to spend lots of $ . I bought the Janome 1600DBX machine and I love it...for me right now it does a great job..It has only a straight stitch and a 9 inch throat. I paid about $700 for mine on line..I bought a speed control switch that hooks right to your handles, you can also get a stitch regulator, but I didn't seem to have a problem with my stitches being the same.. I also used my regular sewing machine on this frame for about 6 months and it worked fine, except I would get going a little too fast for the machine and would skip stitches...the 1600 is more industrial and works much better and has more quilting space..
Hope this helps...I love it cause I can "do it myself"...LOL
OH thanks for all the info Nana,
I haven't research the machines enough to know anything about them.
Ands yes I am the type that would rather "do it myself" if possible.
Thanks for the link to that site..will check it out!
I had only heard of women spending 1,000.00's on a long arm..so was pretty relunctant of buying one.

THanks again
I Nana,
I am from Southern Ohio, Portsmouth.
I have been a quilter for about 6 years...not real elaborate, but I have a lot of fun. It is a real stress reliever.
I am new to this site and to "blogging". I really think I could get into talking to all these girls though.
I can't wait to get started on the quilt and to see how everyone does.

Talk to you again.


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