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Please post your photos of any Part 3 units, finished tops, and quilted quilts here in this Discussion Forum area only.

Do not post any photos that reveal the final design on the Comment Wall. We want to keep the solution to the mystery a secret for those who have not finished or may join in the future.

You may add add photos by clicking on the icon to the right of LINK above.

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Donna, I love those colors and prints!  Anxious to see the finished top.  In fact, I love all the finished ones posted.  Mine is close.  Hope to post today or tomorrow.  Three out of four in the family are battling colds/allergies.  Fourth one is still in bed, so it could be 4 out of 4 when she finally gets up!

Just sharing what not to do. Even while pinning I realized that something was different from the first two seams. I carried on like a bull in a china cabinet. Right after my nap I sewed the seams and not until I finished pressing did I realize that I had screwed up. So now the grim reaper and I have to bond.

I know that feeling. My seam ripper got a workout last night.
Now have the center medallion together and have the next pieces laid out and ready to sew.

I know the feeling! I am working on mine and ripping as I go.

Oh dear! But doesn't look too hard to fix if I understand where you're going with it. Certainly not like the fix I still have waiting for me on my Little. Remember the one you plotted out the how-to for me? ☺ It's still up there on the board waiting for time and my courage to meet.

Kathleen--No, this isn't a hard fix. My creative brain jumped out after I had it pulled apart. I tried another fabric in place of the sky fabric. I stayed with the sky fabric. Though I'm not a fan of large open spaces that require special quilting the sky fabric is staying but not before I add my special fix to those triangles. You've seen me going on new tangents before.

Agnes, I really like the stripe in place of the sky fabric. Am thinking of appliqued of some type or just may leave this one be and quilt a feathery design.

The reason I decided to not go with the stripe fabric is that it detracts from the central medallion. The eye just didn't know where the divides were. I think I'll be very happy with my solution to take away from the plainness of the sky fabric. Because it is hand work it will be a while before it is ready for the finish reveal. Not a problem I have quite a pile of machine sewing that has the same deadline as this quilt. Next time at the machine will set up for that.

Agnes, I had to remove 8 extra small triangles I had added, while in a fog, to make the pieces out from the center rectangles instead of corners!!!  Now, maybe I can get things assembled.  Good luck with your repair!  Hope my foggy mind works better today and maybe I will actually get this quilt into one piece.  (from the way I am typing right now, the fog and dyslexia from my fibromyalgia is still very active.)  I have to watch carefully when I type or this typing will be the mystery!!  I just laid parts out on the floor so that I get them right and somehow while walking from living room to kitchen, I miss-placed 3 corners, one strip of geese, and piece from left side!!  Here is what I have for now.  The FOG in my head is still here!!  I faded it out so top strip and corner would show up.  Floors are not the best places to audition quilt pieces.  Need a wall!!!  Hope this is laid out right.  This is the best way for me.

Like the cheeriness of your fabrics. Hope the missing parts show up before too long.

My worst enemy, my creative mind, is very active right now. As a result I will have to cut one piece for the second time. What I loved last night, I dislike this morning. I shall get there.

That is the problem with an active, creative mind.  All those ideas keep whirling around and keep tripping over each other.  That is one of my worst problems when the fog leaves.  I will trip over these pieces when I least expect to and wonder .....  why are they HERE???

Looking good Marsha. And those pieces will show up when you least expect them. I can definitely relate.


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