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Delete Discussion Hi! I am interested in getting a new machine before I retire and my husband is encouraging me to do so! So I need to jump on this opportunity. I've been looking at a Janome 11000 SE. I have a Janome now and love it. I would love to hear what you are using and if you are happy with it or not. This machine is supposed to make machine quilting a breeze. But it also does a lot of stuff that I don't know if I'd use or not. The shop is willing to give me a great price and let me pay in 3 installments. It's tempting, but still a huge (selfish?) purchase for just me. Input, please!!!!

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Hi, I don't know about the 11000, I have two machines
I use the Janome Gem 760 and the Janome 9700
I really like them both. but my sister got a Janome quilt machine I don't remember the number, but I like that it cuts the thread for you. it's the small things LOL
I have a Janome 6600 and absolutely love it! It has a thread cutter also and an x-large throat for quilts. King size fit just fine. It's a lot of machine for the money!
I bought the Janome 6500 and the thread cutter is my favorite feature too!
Hi Suzy - I have a Bernina 440 that I got last year and just love it.
I too waited forever to upgrade (from an old Kenmore!), wondering if it was too extravagant but my husband encouraged me and I have to tell you I'm so glad I did. That and dedicating a rarely used guestroom as my sewing room has made all the difference in my quilting enjoyment. So do it. Life is short - seize some happiness - just pay it forward (maybe a charity quilt or two from your new machine?).
Hi Suzy, I have a Janome 6500 and absolutely love it - I too looked at the bigger and more expensive machines & for the love of me couldn't imagineo when I would use some of the features. My 6500 does absolutely everything except the embrodery (sp??) which is a feature I wasn't interested in. I have been dealing with my sewing machine guy for over 40 years, clear back when he sold Singers (my first machine) and he said he wasn't going to "over sell" me a machine. Take a look at it.
I have a Bernina 440Q, love it. I also have an older Bernina 1630 which I use to quilt on often as well. Best to just try some of the more popular machine. Most dealers should allow you to try them out.
I had a Bernina I used and loved for many years. Two years ago my sister talked me into visiting the Pfaff dealer for a demo. I bought a Quilt Expression and it is a wonderful machine. Pfaff machines have a built-in walking foot that is especially nice for quilters. About a month ago, I bought a new Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 machine that has the deeper throat and many, many more features than my other Pfaff. I would recommend the Pfaffs. They are wonderful machines. However, I do think I would buy from a local distributor that can clean and service whatever machine you buy.
That's interesting for choices. I have a Bernina 1630 which is on its last legs, technically speaking. I have had a few fixes on it lately. A new store carrying Pfaff is now here. It seems they are certainly cheaper machine than my Bernina. Alwyas liked Bernina, but which to replace the one I have now? Thanks for ur insight on the Pfaff. Will have to look at both.
Suzy, everyone here has a least one machine that is their favorite - sometimes more than one, and many of us use different machines for different purposes.

The best advice I think you could get is to really try lots of machines in a few shops - different brands, different models within each brand - before you decide. Bring some fabric sandwiches with you, especially if you are really partial to a particular brand of batting. Take your time deciding, because you are probably going to live with that decision for quite a while. Don't let your dealer talk you into any one brand or convince you to buy right now for the best deal. A good dealer knows that this is a major purchase for most of us, and the dealer wants you to be happy with that purchase so you recommend him to friends, and maybe come back some day for another machine. Think about how you use your machine now. Make lists of what you like and don't like about your current machine. Then make another list of things you'd like to be able to do. Now you want to shop for the machine that 1) meets most of those requirements; 2) fits into your budget; and 3) feels comfortable to you when you 'test-drive' it. Play a lot with each one that you test, and write down your thoughts as you are testing, so that when you are back home you'll remember. Ask each dealer for any brochure or literature they might have so you can read up when you get home. You can also go to some websites where you can compare features of different machines. Ask lots of questions, especially about what comes with the machine, and if the shop offers one or more free classes in how to use all the features.

Only then should you go to buy. Enjoy the hunt!
I have a new Janome 6600 (two weeks). The features that sold me were the thread cutter, being able to finish a line of stitching with needle up or down, the walking foot and the wider neck. I love the railing on the 1/4 inch foot. Such a simple solution to keep your seams even. I am looking forward to using some of the stitches on my projects, but am not an embrodery fiend. This machine has all the features I need to quilt and make the experience more enjoyable. I also got a Horn table at the same time that makes my life easier. So much room. It was a trade off for a long arm quilting machine that I decided was just too pricey. I felt that spending 8-15,000 dollars on a machine put it into the category of a business. With an upgraded sewing machine I can do the piecing and enjoy the colors and textures I choose. Not have to do it for someone else to pay for my habit.

good point on the having to do something to pay for the habit.


Hi, I have a Janome 9700 and love it. The 11000 is an incredible machine. I've seen it in action many times at my favorite sewing machine shop.It really does beautiful work. When I bought mine it seemed like such a huge splurge but I have to say that I don't regret it at all. The hours of enjoyment that I've gotten from it are irreplaceable. You are lucky to be able to make payments too! Good luck. Happy Quilting!


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