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Cindy and I have decided on a topic.


Post card size. thread Painting . On Fabic or painted background or all over thread painting,

Finish Date September 1st.

This giving time for those that go on holiday or are busy in the summer months or those having other commitments, a longer closing date.

Paired partners.

Sign up by July 10th.

CINDY ". ". PC to GWEN

I would be grateful if you could contact by PM your partner for their mailing address. Also when you have finished your PC could you email me your photo of PC so I can try and do a slide show at the end.
AlsoPLEASE don't panick if life gets in the way of finish date but please let me know.

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Drum roll!!! As the TP swap hostess I got the first PC swap pics today. No panick everyone I have only just started mine.
It will be interesting to see how everyone interpret "Down by the sea"
Just a hands up everyone, Aug 1st today and a month away to Sept.1st the date for finish for the TP swap Down. By the Sea.
To date Sandra has finished hers and email me her photo. If you receive your PC swap please do not put pic on line I will try and post together when they are all in. So you can email me at with your pics to Etchedinthread@gmail.com. But it would be nice to let your partner know that you have received it.
Hope you are all having fun. Still working on mine.
Quick update #2 PC swap in by Linda H.

Posted mine this morning but I understand Terri is away on a trip ATM so

It will await her arrival.

Buenas dias, good morning everyone! I just returned late yesterday from Quito, Ecuador where we had a phenomenal time and really enjoyed life high in the Andes (9,830 ft.). While there we visited Old Historic Quito, the Equatorial divide, Ovial (sp), Cotacachi, Yachay and Ilbembera. So much so, that we will be going back possibly in November or December for a trip to Cuenca, Loja and Vilacabamba. Once that trip is completed, we will make our decision where in Ecuador we wish to live. We will definitely be moving there. I was also gifted with two beautifully etched hand-carved ceramic beads that date back to 500 B.C., which will become part of a special necklace that I am creating to memorialize our trip. Once I get pictures off my camera, I will post a few to share. The only downside of the whole experience, was the food on the return trip and the fact that the airlines lost our luggage. Hopefully, they'll find them and return them. I know Ray will appreciate that as both of his Panama's hats are there, as is my hand crocheted Panama hat. BTW, contrary to public perception, Panama hats are NOT made in Panama but in Ecuador. That in itself was fascinating to observe.

Linda, I have not forgotten you. Your PC will be posted as soon as I get it finished, although it may be a tad late. I'm hoping that it won't be so please be patient with me. Well, I need to unpack my carry-on bags and get something to eat. Still on Ecuador time and their laid back way of life. LOL.

Welcome back Terri, your swap is to go to Cindy this time.

Partner details up above. Hope you get your luggage back and I am looking forward to seeing some photos.

As soon as I sent the message about sending to you, I realized that I goofed and that my swap goes to Cindy. Blame it on jet lag! LOL.

Finally got a few free minutes and was able to get a good sketch made to use for my TP. Having a very active 3 yr old in the house has certainly made me change my sewing time. I am having some issues with withdrawal from my machines. With DD working as well as her dad, it's me taking care of her during the day. For the most part she's easy to watch but I have lost (temporarily) the basement where my sewing is at. So back on the dining room table for now. 

Cindy I know what you mean about the dining room table, I have up til recently been sewing on a sm table in the corner of our bedroom. The other night I didn'sleep until early hrs morning, and was thinking now if that sewing machine was in my sewing rm I would be sewing, couldn't as it was in the bedroom and might have woken DH up,!
I am about half way through my TP PC swap.

Okay Cindy, take a deep breath and begin again. Just because the first attempt didn't turn out doesn't mean the next one won't. Seems my creativity has taken a leave of absence for the moment. I have my sketch on paper but just can't seem to transfer it to fabric. So I may take the easy way out on this one and do some TPing on a pre- printed picture on fabric. (Mama said there'd be days like this). Perhaps when (and if) things return to a semblance of normal around here, I will be able to get back to a creative place. In the meantime, I won't put added pressure on myself and expect more than I am able to deliver. I'm sure you all understand where I'm coming from.

Hi Cindy....if you have your sketch or colored drawing...print it on the fabric. You can iron freezer paper to your fabric, cut it down to 8 1/2 x 11 and run it thru the printer.  If you know how, scan and open the image in photoshop or any editing program and increase the saturation for a darker print out.  Hope this helps.

Great idea Brenda, you know sometimes when we are in a situation as my husband would say we can't see the woods for the trees. I am just like that Cindy so can relate. You will need a bubble jet printer but I am sure you know that. Please don't stress over it one can only do what we can, it is suppose to be fun.


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