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Cindy and I have decided on a topic.


Post card size. thread Painting . On Fabic or painted background or all over thread painting,

Finish Date September 1st.

This giving time for those that go on holiday or are busy in the summer months or those having other commitments, a longer closing date.

Paired partners.

Sign up by July 10th.

CINDY ". ". PC to GWEN

I would be grateful if you could contact by PM your partner for their mailing address. Also when you have finished your PC could you email me your photo of PC so I can try and do a slide show at the end.
AlsoPLEASE don't panick if life gets in the way of finish date but please let me know.

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It's the background that I was trying something different on that came out totally bad. So will try again, but at this late of a date, will simplify and work out later what I was wanting to accomplish. There will always be time later to try new things.

BTW, Craftsy has a new class on TPing portraits for half price (19.95). Just signed up for it, thought I could learn something helpful. Will just watch it through first then do some hands on work. Will let you know what I think.

Cindy, is it the class taught by Pam Holland?  I signed up for that one...

Yes, that's the one Brenda. Have you begun watching yet? Just learned some info about threads that I didn't know.  Love listening to her talk.

Yes, I am up to where she is starting the eye on the little boy portrait.  I am working on a paper pieced quilt of beach houses that I want to enter in a quilt show this November.  I am trying to stay focused on finishing that before I actually start anything else.  I finished the "Down by the Beach" thread painting today so I don't have any other obligations at the moment.  As soon as I finish my quilt I will start on a thread painting with this class.

I too have sign up for Pam Holland class, and have been watching her TP her Gsons eye. It is neat. I join because I felt it would give me some added tips that I could use on the TP. Neat that you gals have sign up for the same class, it was on sale when I just join. But the nice thing is it is always on your computer so you can go back and refer to the lessons.
I am about half way through my down by the beach. So Hope I can get it finish in the next couple of days. We are expecting the gson coming from NF going through to HK for about 3-4 day visit. So no sewing then. Looking forward to seeing what you have done Brenda.

Ally, did you get the email with my pic of the down by the sea project?

I've also signed up for the thread painting class with Pam Holland, see what you all started! LOL. I love the way she auditions thread against the picture so that she can find the best fit. Never thought about doing that, but it makes perfect sense. I have some photo's of Ecuadorian girls performing a dance that I think would be perfect for thread painting. Will print out a picture and then start auditioning threads. I plan on making notes of which threads I'm using where. Think an overlay might help with that in that I could make notes, but not directly on the pictures.

Wow. That is four of us signed up for the class.
We are doing well with the TP PC swap.
I have 4 photos in so far and we are just beginning Aug. that is great.

Wow, my card from Sandra arrived today and it is rather good. Cant wait to share the pic but I will.

How lucky I am, its a beaut.

My beautiful PC arrived today from Linda Harriott and it is beautiful! Linda you did a fantastic piece and you should be pleased with the way it turned out. I know that I am!!!

Hoping to get my done this week in between storms. Seems like every time I go in to sew, it starts to storm and I won't sew during a storm as I'm afraid that I'l fry my machine. Be patient Cindy, it will be there soon. Will let you know when I get it off in the mail.

No worries, Terri. We're not even to the deadline yet. I hear you about not sewing during an electric storm. Too easy to damage the electronic machines. I use my vintage machines when stormy. Unless I'm doing TPing or free motion quilting, I most likely will be using one of my older machines. I like the single hole needle plates  plus how easy they sew. 

Sandra your PC is winging its way to you went in the mail this morning.


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