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I know this has been brought up before, but seems to becoming a bigger issue day by day. I know we all love our families and cherish our pets, but isn't this is a quilting site? There are several groups for pet owners where posting pictures of pets is the norm, and maybe some of you need to look into these as an option and let's keep this site for our quilts. What do you say? I hope I didn't offend anybody here. You're all great and your quilts are beautiful!!!!!

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It is the depths and expression of the heart which fuels the creative vision and it is my guess, that inspiration is found in the smallest particle of dust to the vastness of space and everything in between including pets and children.

Perhaps the moderators of this site could add a "tab" above called "Friends and Family" - with sub-sections for pets and children then those folks who want to see who else does dog rescue have a place to share and those folks who like children have a brag book and folks like yourself, can by-pass it all together getting onto the meat and potatoes of your hobby :-)

*Small trivia note- MANY rescues make quilts as premium raffle item to secure a major portion of their annual funding.
I think that sounds like a good idea. Now to get it passed "the powers that be". I am as proud of my children and grandchildren as anyone, but I don't think this is the place to be posting pictures of them.
...and it wouldn't be required of you to post pictures or view other folks photos.... if done well - this can be a place for quilters to share what matters most to them. The early quilting bee gatherings brought women together as a community - they shared with each other their dreams, joys sorrows, patterns, recipes and friendship. There are women around the globe able to access this site - many perhaps in remote areas - this is their connection with the world beyond their doors. Should the era of computers strip us of part of our heritage inherent to quilting -"community"?
Last night I changed the home page slideshow feature to only show those photos that have been "rated" by members. All of the photos you see in the View All photos are actually posted on individual profiles and I'm hearing lots of positive feedback about the variety. So I hope this change to the homepage slideshow will keep one section of photos to only those that members have chosen (rated).

We've purposely set this community up with no rules so you could all make it what you like. Thanks for the feedback.
I love looking at quilts for ideas and inspiration, just like a lot of others that visit this website, and that's why I am here. If I have to wade thru all the families and pets, the inspiration just flies right out the window! I am not trying to cause any problems, but is there a way that the photos can be categorized by quilts, families, and pets? I know there's a solution somewhere! LOL
I agree totally, I come here for inspiration on quilts not animals, I love my family too, but this is not the place to post pic of them. I have gotten some wonder ideas for quilts here and would like to see more.. I'm a beginner and it helps me alot. There are some very talented quilters here.
Sorry - I thought this was a general Chit-Chat segment. For some of us pets, family and quilting go hand in hand.
I love all the pictures.....pets, family, and especially the OUILTS. To get to know someone...it's nice to see whom and what is dear to their hearts.
I know what you're saying. I also like the ideas and inspiration on this site but dogs and cats just aren't part of that package for me. Like I said, I don't dislike animals, I just don't think they belong here. There are plenty of other websites that welcome them unconditionally.
As my mother always said there is a place for everything and everything needs to be in its place. This to me is a place for quilts.
So right you are. Your Mother is a wise woman!


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