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Hi all - I'm on the hunt for a pattern called Spiderweb - any ideas where I might find one?

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Thanks Joanne - that's similar to what I've seen, but it would be one spiderweb in either octagonal or hexagonal shape, about 12-15 inches diameter. Sure wish I could remember where i saw it!!
Thanks Barbara - I'll try that!!
if you don't find it let me know. I think i have the instructions because i wanted to do it too.....
Hi Cyn - didn't find it - even tried the library but that title isn't in the listing at all. Next stop, the second-hand book store - but if you're able to share the pattern, I'd love that!!!
Will have a look at home...Sorry I wasn't available sooner..son's b.d on the weekend then older son's b.d on the weekend then my b.d this past weekend but this it for the year...hubby has his in june along with father's day of course...lol ttyl cyn
Thanks Cyn - I appreciate your efforts. Happy birthday - that's a lot of celebrating in one month, guess it's good to get it all over at the same time. I'm on vacation right now, in Calgary, AB to visit kids, heading toward home in a couple of days. Thanks again for checking this out for me.
Dear Peg,

I think i may have found what you are looking for String Spiderweb from quiltville.com. The block is 10 3/4".
There are pics. and instructions on the site...hope this it is and you have fun with it ..let me know how it all turns out...cyn
Thanks, Cyn - sorry to be so long in answering, lots of travelling in the late summer and the hunt has continued - until I got this:

Well, not sure if that worked - but it was at this web-site: http://lovelaughquilt.blogspot.com/2009/10/holiday-hexagon.html Not quite the size I'm looking for, but it's a start. When I get one done, I'll try to come back and share the pictures with you all.

Many thanks to everybody who tried to find this for me. Blessings, Peg
I didn't know what a spiderweb quilt was.... did a google for it online.... OMG! That is so kewl looking!! Pretty trippy! I'm definitely going to have to make one of those!



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