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Rectangle Organizer Box:

A few things to remember:

  1. We are making the "Long Size" organizer box.
  2. Read directions carefully before beginning.
  3. I will insert what I have learned making this twice, but you determine how you will make your own. No rulers, just guidelines.
  4. Trust the yardage amounts as they are correct.

Let's begin!

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Still waiting for my pattern.  It has been shipped.  Cranking out bibs while I wait.   Well,  not really cranking...........but making progress. 

Got my fabric picked out.  I'm gonna use the red for the primary fabric,  the grey/stars for the pockets and the blue for the binding.    

ooh Thel, what a terrific idea...   So far my selections are pretty boring as I am trying to use what I have.   The check is for the main body, the print for the rest.  And lucky me, I found a fairly coordinating zipper in my stash!  So this really will be a project only from my stash (except the pattern of course.)  Oh and the PelTex too.

I love your choices Beth.  Oh,  I forgot I need to dig out some zippers. 

Everything is cut.  On to sewing soon.  

I wish the new messages showed on page one as well instead of at the end.   Oh well. 

All I've got left to do is the binding.  It's coming out well,  I'm happy.

Why does life keep getting in my way....   well today I went to cut out the contrasting color for the project and discovered I didn't have enough................  so I found something that will work but not as well....  I did finally get it cut out.  The new problem here is that my dh has wrenched his back and can't help me with the shop or lots of other things so I am getting behind again..  He is getting better and that meant I could get the cutting done today.

And then I decided the blade in my rotary cutter was really getting bad. SO.... had to change that....  It didn't want to be changed I guess cause it took forever.

And finally my peltex arrived yesterday... also in a huge box...  I don't understand.  When I send things off for eBay says I try to make the box appropriate to what I am sending.

Well enough of this.  Since every thing is cut it is time for pinning.

Oh my gosh Beth, I fully expected you to say you cut yourself changing that blade!! So glad that didn't happen!

Happily I have been careful....  so far..............

Crazy how life gets in the way.  I was making such progress then Moose got sick !!!  Then I got a new foster !!  Then Reco (a cat) is sleeping on my pile in progress.  Geeze.

Get well quickly Beths' hubby.

Hi there Beth. It's been awhile since I saw you here. Are you still doing your teacup Tuesdays? Looking forward to seeing your box. Mine is done. I used steam a seam to finish the side binding but may have to stitch it still.

I have this organizer box. I got it in our quilt guild Brown Bag Challenge. The rule is one month you bring 3 fat quarters in a brown bag and you pick up another and make something and bring it back the next month. And the lady that picked up my brown bag made me this organizer box. Real pretty.


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