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Is there anyone else out there that ends up with their partner complaining about the buying of fabric and the time spent in the sewing room? I have mixed feelings.... He is an avid outdoors man, including hunting and fishing. I feel that the money that he spends on his hobby is equal or more than I spend on mine. I wish that some how I could get him to see that. Any suggestions?

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I like this, Vicki...the way to a man's heart (& wallet?!) is through his stomach!
>dare I say: always had and always will?< Ha!
lol...too funny - that line:..."he does like to eat"
I too am very fortunate to have a hubby that doesn't complain. May you need to take the approach of showing him what you do spend - the sale prices, regular prices, gadgets, etc. Then either ask him or if you can, show him what he is spending on his hobbies. I'll just bet that he spends more than you do. He just hasn't taken the time to "figure" it all out.

Good luck and KEEP QUILTING!!!
Keep us informed.
I was also very fortunate that my late husband - God rest his soul - did not complain when I spent money on fabrics, threads, embroideries, etc. Whenever we went on our day trips, he always seemed to find a quilt shop, needlework shop or anything he thought I might be interested in. He always told me - if you want it, get it. I did not take advantage of his generosity and always bought everything on sale or with a coupon. I still do and my love has been gone almost 6 years now. I never took advantage of his generosity . I made many things for him and still do for my family. They really appreciate everything because they know it was made with love!
I had a husband, years ago. Can't imagine any one who loves me complaining about such a wholesome and productive endeavor such as quilting. Are you sure he isn't just one to complain about something, if he is, then he just can't help himself. PTL
If you figure this one out, please let me know. I have been married to the same man for 34 years and this has been a flashpoint for just about that long. My husband is a photographer, skier, and motorcyclist who also loves to travel. Did I mention that he has been retired for almost 2 years? All of his "hobbies" are rather costly, but go figure about my spending on my hobbies.
Don't wanna be too racy here but maybe he's jealous
you're "messin' around" too much with....fabric.
Whaaa....too bad, I say.
Tell him to be a big boy and play
by himself, lol.

Oops. Double entendre there, be careful! ;-)
LOL LOL. That's so funny. I am hoping that he gets over it sooner or later. He has his own guns and toys and his own room. He should play with his toys and I will play with mine!
*smiles* yes well I am working on gathering fabric. If ANYONE has any fabric that I could buy for the a hunting quilt let me know please!!!
Hey, texasquiltworks.com has a moda fabric ("great outdoors" line) of flying ducks
on sale for $3.49/yard but that's all I saw that looked sorta hunt-y like, ya know.
Anyway, you can peruse other fabs that would work with that...good luck!
I got lots of hunting fabric/ and fishing Do you still need some
I like to compliment him all the time in FRONT of my friends about what he made me for my sewing room (outstanding sewing center) and shelves for fabric storage...he soon preens a bit and that helps...

I also don't necessarily talk TO him about fabric prices, etc., but i DO talk to other people in FRONT of him about NEVER buying anything full price, the cost of gifts that I have produced, etc. I just think that sometimes they hear better when others rave about this or that price or product than when i attempt to convince him of something. Soon you may hear him bragging to other guys (you know you won when he does) about this or that.

It may also help to make him something for his hobbies...my son loves the little vinyl shoulder bag I made just the right size to hold his miniature models and paint supplies..all the boxes are the same size and he can carry 4 stacked inside the bag without worrying about tipping lids or spilling little men. I made almost the same thing in different proportions for my grandson's guitar amplifier...it makes it safer to transport and has a shoulder strap so his hands are free to carry guitar, music, etc....they just like having things you did and that solve some transport, or protection problem...all your husband's hobbies have a lot of opportunities for such projects.

also most new machines make alphabets now and one of my favorite gifts for men is 3/8 or 1/2 inch ribbon in olive green with their name and phone number sewn, in black thread, over and over. I separate a 'name' and a 'number' by about 2 or 3 inches separating each, the space in between is long enough to tie or do the 'loop and slip' thing with the name on one end and the number on the other...they can just cut off a 'name' with its extra couple of inches and tie it onto whatever tab or handle or whatever they like...sort of like grownup camp...

good luck, really, i find that bragging about whatever small thing you can makes him want to do more of that...
Hello there,
I guess I'm one of those fortunate ones, smile. For the first time in our 47 years of marriage my hubby has not complained about a hobby I've taken up. I've been quilting now off and on for maybe 9 years or so. My car automatically turns into Joann's when I head out shopping. His only comment about all the fabric I have is "if something happens to you what should I do with all that". Laughed and told him we live in a great location and we have a good driveway and are off a main street. Put a sign out there and have your very first yard sale and I'll guarantee you it will be the shortest yard sale in history. He has been great about my quilting. He admires the finished projects and wants to know who's the lucky person getting them.


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