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Is there anyone else out there that ends up with their partner complaining about the buying of fabric and the time spent in the sewing room? I have mixed feelings.... He is an avid outdoors man, including hunting and fishing. I feel that the money that he spends on his hobby is equal or more than I spend on mine. I wish that some how I could get him to see that. Any suggestions?

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my husband doesn't complain too much about my stash (he doesn't know where it's all hidden!!) or my quilting time at home; he just whines about the weekends away on retreat and the guild meetings and the get togethers with my quilting buddies and the times I have to dash out to help someone work on something......... (oops, maybe when I add all that to the time I spend at school committee meetings, maybe it is too much). Never mind!

I tell him it's his opportunity for the one on one Quality time with the kids (we have 2 girls, 6 & 11).
Then he get's to go away hunting etc., (just so long as it doesn't clash with my retreat........)
Mine complained when I wanted to buy a serger to add to my small travel and regular machine. He told me I could only sew on one at a time...............I said: "Kind of like your 3 toys/cars you have isn't it. He still complains about buying more fabric, but not quite so loud anymore. When he wants to buy a new tool or whatever, I just look at him and raise my eyebrows and he gets the message.
I'm lucky! Married 25+ years to the guy who is the POSTER CHILD for the expression "he who dies with the most tools/toys wins"! I started saying "she who dies with the most linens, crystal, china and silver wins", and he got the message. Now I guess I'll have to add "...fabric stash and sewing machines..." to my list, and teach him how to find jelly rolls and FQs on sale (he has already found 600 thread count sheets, Irish linen tablecloths, and a new sewing machine for me!)
Hi Gina
Can we all borrow him lol my DH is not too bad he getting better but can't understand why i would be in more than i want to go out he says it drives him nuts so wants to know why it don't me lol
I guess everyone is different & as far as classes ect there is not really much to go for locally & when there is it just way to expensive
Hi Gina
No over here i not seen a course under £50 i noticed that a 10 wk course at the college it part 2 but even that was £120 which broke down to weekly wasn't bad but it had started & it was part 2 of the course plus you couldn't pay weekly it had to all be paid up front so lost out all ways
Hugs Janice
Oh, my! I've found that the best approach with mine is to make him laugh (but I'm probably luckier than most in that I married a man with a sense of humor!).
I also made him his own quilt for the TV room. : ) (At least he appreciates being warm!)
Mine does occasionally wander into my sewing room and say things like, "Don't you think you have enough fabric?" Foolish mortal.... LOL
Actually the man's been retired for over 10 years (at age 53...waaaayyyyy to young to be in my kitchen and putting things *away* where I never in all our married life put them!)
I usually tell people I became a full-time quilter about the same time he retired to keep me out of jail for manslaughter. : )
Mine doesn't hunt, but he does lots of other things and is very generous, especially if I enlist the *opinions* of my DILs (Finally! Someone on my team!lol) for something I want to do!
I try to keep my fabric buying to a specific project, and if it's for *the kids*, I get no comment.
Then there's the OTHER fabric buying....like when he just bought hmself some new tool for his workshop. ; D
I try to keep the amounts similar....
I have noticed we have more *dissagreements* over what I consider "stupid stuff" when he's just helped out one of our sons financially (not because he begrudges it, but because he worries about them ever being truly solvent). What I'm amazed at is the fact that he'd pick a fight with the person who does the laundry, cooks his dinner, and cuts his hair.... : D
Tell him that the fabric and time are much cheaper than thearapy,

I use to work for the Post Office as a supervisor....... when I got to stressed, my employees would sneak into my office with a yard of fabric and lock me in my office until I had my fabric thearapy. i ended up with 40 yards of donated fabric before I left that position and became a Postmaster.

Gee guess I should find a pattern and use some of that fabric....lol
My Husband always seemed to have a comment on my 3 machines. And now I would like an embroidery machine and he said: "you can only sew on one of them at a time, why do you need so many"? Well...................I asked him to help me in the garage. I asked: "Why do you need 3 vehicles, you can only drive one of them at time"! He also mentioned that he didn't think I needed so many notions, scissors, rulers, etc. Sooooooo, when he came home one day I had all but one of his screwdrivers and wrenches laying out on his workbench. He asked what I was doing with his tools.......................I'm going to give them away, I don't see why you need more than one.

No more comments on anything in my sewing room!!!!!

Good Luck,
Mine complained about the time I spent quilting till he retired the end of this last year. Now, no complaints, or seldom anyway. He has his hobbies & side jobs, & I quilt, so it is working out good for both of us. He knows I tire fast of tv, but he has to have it on all the time. So, when I feel like it, I go quilt awhile, or find other things to do...

I am blessed when it comes to buying fabric, he even helps me find what I am looking for at times, or more stuff than I need, & I put it back, lol... He has his hobbies, which cost alot more than mine, so this isn't too much of a problem, thank goodness!
I would just love to have the cabin lol my DH moans about my stuff & says when i pop my clogs (die) he throwing it all out i told him no worries as i am going to out live him anyway lol
We have said if we ever won the lottery we have our own bungalow built & i can have my own big room with everything in it & he have his own room for what he wants to do then we can just meet for meal lol
No he has got better especially as i have been doing gifts for his family last Christmas & when packages arrive i let him believe that they could be a swap package well what he don't know won't hurt him
Hugs Janice
That's a big YES. My dh calls it the big Q. But he doesn't say anything else because I have MD & that is about all of the socializing I get. He doesn't complain about the buying but complains that I will never get it organized.lol
Dale (Spryte Fight)
I have just returned to my sewing room and quilting after 13 years. My sewing room is situated in a really secluded part of the house. The house is a tudor and the room is over the garage and accessible only through the master bedroom. My DH starting getting concerned that I was hiding away on my own too much and we had a lot of DISCUSSIONS about it. I was going through a rather rough spell as there had been a traumatic death of a niece and I needed space. But, the interference caused me to give it all up and I just recently decided I needed to get this going again. DH bought me a new sewing machine and I am well on my way to, I hope, years of enjoyment. He does a lot of physical stuff (mountain climbing) and I do my sewing; we are both content.


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