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Is there anyone else out there that ends up with their partner complaining about the buying of fabric and the time spent in the sewing room? I have mixed feelings.... He is an avid outdoors man, including hunting and fishing. I feel that the money that he spends on his hobby is equal or more than I spend on mine. I wish that some how I could get him to see that. Any suggestions?

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My husband used to say the same thing. BUT I pointed out the cost of all his saws, wood, nails etc. that he has in his storage area and the long hours that I spend alone while he is doing his craft. I also pointed out how nice it was to see him enjoy his sport and his friends and that I thought he would want the same for me. I also talked for about 3-4 hours to him while he was doing his stuff and he decided that it was better to let me sew then to spend so many hours with me talking. Believe me it was a challenge to talk to him that long and not let him say anything, But I now sew any time and buy what I need, I also suggest things he might want to add to his collection. Good luck.
That is a wonderful idea that you talked to him for so long. I will try it when he is out bugging me lol!!!!
It probubly isn't about the money at all. Tell him you will go hunting and fishing with him for therapy instead of quilting and I am sure he will quit complaining. Quilting is way cheaper than a therapist. And someday we will all wish we could hear one more complaint because life can be real short.
Hi I agree with Lois, maybe he is jealous of the time you spend in the sewing room. Offer to come hunting and fishing with him ALL the time. He'll be afraid he will loose his "guy" time and suggest you stay home and sew lol. If that doesn't work tell him to buy himself a hunting dog for company.

My husband doesn't complain, he knows if I'm happy everyone is happy lol. If your hubby feels really strongly about the money issues, maybe you could get a part time job and use the money for your habit. My neighbour raises chickens and sells the eggs to pay for her fabric habit.
My husband also has is own hobbies. When we go into the quilt shop... He asks me how long I will be,then leaves me in the quilt shop. But he always comes back. He has to...He's buying me my fabric. Plus, I have one of those husbands, he cuts my fabric for me. I think you husband needs to quilt with you. At least knows how much time goes into making a quilt. Maybe then he will not complain to much. But make sure you make that quilt for him. Maybe you can have him help pick out the fabric. That way he has in idea what he would like in his quilt.I hope that helps you there.
I have a few patterns of trees and hunting scenes, if you are interested let me know, they have lots of greens and tans, some have deer and sky scenes with trees. Thank you and keep in touch.
The approach that works for me is sort of two-fold.

First, the ironing board is in the sewing room, and since he has a job that requires 5 starched & ironed shirts per week, he can see the advantage of having a space that I enjoy for ironing.

And second, I just give him the fabric catalogs & let HIM buy the fabric on-line. Every gift-giving occasion, I get lots and lots of fat quarters and one-half yard cuts in his favorite colors and prints. He's really happy not to have to go to an actual store to pick out an actual item. And then he's pleased when I exclaim happily over my new selections, and say things like, "Oh, I just know that a soft sort of mauve tone would be stunning with this one!" Since he thinks that colors like mauve and taupe and teal are "girl colors" that aren't visible to the male eye, he's happy that I will go get my own mauve or taupe or teal, since I'm not really fabric shopping exactly, I'm just completing his gift to me.

Works for me.
I got really lucky with the DH... when we first got together, we each tried each others hobbies.... His is painting miniatures for his gaming (which I painted an entire army for him) and at the time I was into cross stitch. He learned and did several pieces. He also learned to tie a quilt at a family reunion nearly ten years ago. Since then, we have returned to our own respective hobbies... mine have gone from x stitch to quilting and fleece. He actually puts in orders for quilts now when a co worker or co worker's wife gets pregnant!!
My hubby does the Warhammer, but prefers fantasy over 40K. He actually went so far as to beg me to cross stitch his banners for his elven army... like the nut I am, I did it. I think the biggest banner I did was 1" x 1-1/2" total and they were all double sided. Needless to say, I don't do that much anymore!, I'd be cross eyed!! We finally got ourselves a set up where his "gaming room" is right next to my "sewing room" so we still get to hang out together as there is no door between us. Where are you and your gamer?
Unfortunately there is no way to fix the issue of us having rooms being separated. If we were closer it might help. But I made him an arrow quiver and it seems that i might have gotten through to him finally!!!
When I first started quilting, my husband talked negatively about it. I began doing the same about his hunting and fishing. He didn't like that at all and asked me about it. I told him that is exactly how I feel when he talks about my hobbies in that way. He hasn't said a peep since then.

Kim L
OOOO that is a good thought! I will try it thanks for the thought! A lil bit of his own medicine wouldn't bother him at all!


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