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Right now I am starting another scrap quilt. During the past 4 years I have ended up with enough scraps to make several large quilts. The one I am doing right now is in my favorite colors: Golds, ambers, reds and every shade in between.

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I have a large bag of scraps that I'm trying to use up. During the last year I have made many scrap quilts, bed size to crib size. I sew with a small group of ladies once a week. We make a lot of donations to teen moms, cancer treatment center, and to church organizations. I love scrappy quilts. Only thing is that the scraps don't seem to disappear.
I'm Lauren in Seneca, IL. I also love scrap quilts. Can use the same patterns over and over and they all look different when completed. I also belong to a BEE. We try to get together every other Mon. evening by rotating homes. Most of the time we end up just talking and eating, but the time is well spent with friends.
I agree that scraps don't seem to disappear. They are like bunnies!
Have a great day. God Bless
I'm working on two scrap quilts-one is a star pattern from a very old issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, and the other is done with variable width strips sewn onto a muslin square--Hopefully they will make a dent in my stash so that I can buy more slightly guilt-free.
I finished making a queen sized log cabin quilt out of scraps, it turned out fantastic. I look forward to making more of that pattern. I think next time I would like to make it out of all blue scraps with cream as the light color or maybe green or browns. I find that I love colors and patterns so I end up buying bags of scraps at flea markets, Salvation Army stores etc. Went to a thrift store yesterday and bought two large ziploc bags of scraps and they were beautiful scraps. I pick up anything there is and so far haven't turned anything away except polyester scraps. I also am making a quilt of blues with white friendship star blocks. I started hand piecing them but I just feel uncomfortable doing hand piecing so I set it aside. My goal is to make a charm quilt with no two pieces alike, my stash is on it's way to getting that many scraps.
do any of you do anything special to your scrap as you cut them? Like do you cut them into any special size or do you wait until you are ready to make them up in a quilt? Susan
Hello, how do you handle your scrap until you use them? Do you precut them as you are making the quilt they come from? If so, what sizes do you normally cut them? Is there a size that is most reoccurring? Thank you, Susan

Thank you so much for this link. I love it and I will try it out. Makes you almost want to cut up some of your "extra fabric" to make these interesting quilts! Thank you,Susan

I purchased a book on nickle quilts which use nothing but 5" squares, (by Pat Speth), though I haven't made anything yet. If I could just get all my scraps cut into 5" squares, I'd be set! My scrap pile is large as well!

I also make lots of scrap quilts.   I have come to the conclusion that when you put scraps together is a bin they mate and reproduce.   I make a lot of baby scrap quilt tops and give them to a neighbouring guild that quilt them and give to the local hospital to be given away.   I have great fun doing that.



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