Quilt With Us

Due to be posted out at the end of May,  a 4 inch by 6 inch post card on any subject you choose.

Comment below and I will add your name here.  We will leave it open for anyone to join in until May 14th, then I will select pairs to swap between each other.  If we get an odd number I will send mine to someone who couldn't join in this time round.

Swap partners for the swap are -

Linda H and BB

CQ and Sandy

Diana and Gwen

Diane and Brenda

Denise and Ally

Karen and Charlotte

BJ and Gloria

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Karen, I love this one, too!  Your postcard came out beautifully.

Beautiful Karen, that is some TP. was it hard to edge? We certainly have seen a wide range of nature things.

Ally, it wasn't hard to zigzag the edge, but I wondered if I should fray checked the edge first. All that thread under the zig zag could eventually pull out.

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home yesterday?  My PC PC from Gloria. 

Oh that's cool! I can't tell from the pic, is the black, cream section thread or wool felt? I love it!

the beige is fabric and stipple quilting. 

Ooh! How did I miss this?  Sorry, just catching up on adding Diane's PC to my photo album and didn't scroll back far enough.

That is wonderful Gloria. How lovely.

I really like this one.  Great job, Gloria.  I will save these and put them on Pinterest to show off!  That is, if  it is okay with everyone.

Diane...I GOT IT!>!>!>!  You could not have chosen a better subject...I LOVE PEACOCKS!  Thans you so much....If this is your first go at it.....WOW.....

How beautiful!  Great job. Love how you bordered it too.

glad you like it, Brenda - there was a picture I saw of you in a t-shirt with peacock feathers on it so I was hoping...yes, first effort

Clever, Diane, to pick up so quickly on Brenda's love of peacocks! LOL Nice job on your first effort! Did you do that on a Bernina?  I recognise the little leaf/flower stitch accompanying the word "peace". : )


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