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I will add the .pdf files here.

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Here are A-11 and A-13. A-11 is pretty straight forward, A-13, a bit more complicated. On A-13, sew sections B-C-D and E-F-G together, even though EQ would not put them together (I have over-layed them on the file). Then after the center sections are together add sections,H, I, J, and K leaving the corners until last. (Start and stop the seam at the corners.) Then fold the center section so you can sew the corner seams. (the center will be folded on the diagonal) I hope this makes sense and doesn't sound weird.
Hi Susan
I am working on L-10 and am having a lot of problems. No I am not done with all yhe preceeding. Due to the fact that I still have not found any more background fabric I am doing the outside 2 rows first. If this is paperpieced could you let me know in what order the pieces are put on? Thanks in advance.
Here is L-10. Don't let it get you down, just one piece at a time! :)
Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad that they are useful.
Well, I don't know what it is but I can't change the percentage to 100%. I get a message that it won't fit into the printing area if I make it larger and I can't change the pdf to put it on two pages. I've expanded the printing area as much as I can, but it just won't fit. This is horrible!
Your printer trouble sounds very frustrating, and it does sound printer-specific. Here are some possible solutions:
*Email your file to a friend, or to your husband at his work, and have them print it for you. Or send it to your own email and access it where you can send to a different printer, such as a public library or a print shop.
*Save the file to a flash drive and take it to a library or print shop; print it there.
*Contact your printer tech support. They may be able to help, even if they just say, "Our printer can't do that." At least that frees up your energy to try other solutions.
*Request a hard copy in the mail. I haven't tried printing any of the paper piecing files, but I will and if they work on my printer I'd be happy to mail to you.
Edna, who loves technology and feels just as frustrated as everyone else when it doesn't work.
WOW, this girl is VERY SMART. Tons of sollutions! I'll let you know ... but something has to work, they all sound so good. Thank you soooooo much, Edna.
Sometimes ... computers think they are so smart and take decisions for us without even asking ... Melanie was such help. I just had to set the scaling to none. (even if I had never asked my printer to scale anything LOL). Thank you for all your suggestions. They were all good ideas and I might have to use them some time.
When you print pdf files you need to make sure the page scaling is set to none, to keep it the right size - (unless you need to enlarge or reduce the pattern). Hopefully that may help, if I understand what is happening.
I noticed when I opened the pdf file it comes up at a reduced size of 52.1 percent, but that is just the size it comes up on the computer screen - you can click on the drop down box there to put it to 100 percent for the size on the computer screen, but that has nothing to do with the size it will print out. Have I thoroughly confused everyone? :-)
Melanie, this was pefect! Thank you so much. I could change the size on the screen, but not on the printing specifications. you are right, I changed the scaling to none and they are the right size now. Sometimes computers think they are so smart ... LOL. Thank you for taking the trouble to add your note, I was getting very nervous over this. :-) It's great to have so much support around.
Glad I could help! :-) I was hoping I figured right that it might be answer.
Thanks Susan. I will try and do this block later on today and see how it works out for me.


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