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I have been using a technique from Sharon Pederson's book "Reversible Quilts" for many years in order to make large quilts and quilt them in sections with my machine at home, then assembling them after quilting. Recently, my local quilting club asked me to teach them the technique for "Lap" quilting or "Quilt as you go". I have heard of other techniques, such as the "Cotton Theory" by Betty Cotton, but didn't feel like putting out $30 to buy the book because the reversible method has always worked for me. The attached Lighthouse Quilt is my most recent success in quilting a full size quilt at home (even lots of small stipple) in smaller sections.

Has anyone out there used the "Cotton Theory" or any other method of "QAYG" with any success?

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I was wondering if it was possible to make a t-shirt quilt using the Cotton Theory or the quilt as you go? Any info would be appreciated. thank you
Sorry I haven't answered sooner, I was on a volunteer assignment in a Nationl Park for a few months and without a computer. The quilt as you go method can be used for almost any type of quilting project. Anything that has straight lines can be "quilt as you go" of one method or other.
Next month I'll be taking a class based on Betty Cottons' books.
in about a month I'll be taking a class based on the cotton theory books. I hope to bet a better understanding of her process
I;ve used the Mitchelle method of working in groups that make sense for the quilt and design you are using. It does present other challenges but it worked for a king and queen sized quilt. I am currently working on a twin size just quilting it in my lap. i find it more difficult to use hoop of any kinds. so I just hold it so I can get the fabric loose enough to do a small running stitch.

I need all the help I can get cause I still don't understand how the back side is complete at the same time.  How do the stitches come out the same?  I need a bood on quilt as you go with excellent picture diagrams. 



As I mentioned at the top of this string, try Sharon Pederson's book, "Reversible Quilts" for a good simple start in "quilt as you go" (QAYG).  Once you get the basic idea you will come up with your own techniques.  Good Luck.
I personally did not care for the Cotton Theory method by Betty Cotton.  I felt it wasted a lot of fabric and batting.  I am following Marty Mitchell's Quilt As You Go method for my first quilt.  I am ready for the binding.  I found it very easy to put together and quilt with the machine.  I did hand stitch the back in places only because I made some errors thinking I could do something faster.  I didn't have enough fabric to do it over and since this is a large wall hanging, I felt the hand stitches were not a problem.


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