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I recently received a quilt from my friend with a note of panic attached.  She had won a lovely quilt in a raffle - only to "destroy" the quilt at her 1st washing.  The issue, as it appears to me, was that the embroidery thread "bled" (both black and red thread) on the base fabric (which in this case happens to be white).   To complicate things further, it is my understanding that the organization Dry Cleaned the quilt before shipping...how can I help restore this item to a cherished quilt?

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My sister had that happen with a Sulky red thread, but other than washing a few more times using a "color catcher" - and that's a guess - I don't know how to fix it. She could take the quilt to a dry cleaner and ask, but it should be a well-established place likely to have a lot of experience. I use a large dry cleaning business in CT which has an understanding of a lot of types of textiles, Battiston's in Connecticut, and I generally talk right with the owner (3rd generation in the business), when I have special problems.


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