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What quilt magazines do you enjoy ?

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I have every McCall's and American Patchwork magazine published. These two are my very favorite. The rest I pick up if I find something interesting. Lori
I love Fons & Porters Love of Quilting in particular because they show quilting diagrams versus the old standby "quilt as desired". I also subscribe to Quilter's World.
I only get one. Fon's and Porter's.
I love them all. I'm in the envious position of having a subscription to nearly every one for "work".

For patterns, my favorite is Fons & Porter, but for Entertainment with a capital E, it's hands down Quilter's Home by Mark Lipinski! I read his magazine from cover to cover the moment it hits my doorstep (I get that one at home so I don't have to share).
I love to read and what is better than to read about quilts?! I too love Quilter's Home!! He has such an entertaining and lighthearted attitude and you can tell he has fun doing what he does. There aren't many patterns highlighted, but I read it cover to cover...it's great!
I have bh&g american Patwork and fons and porter, love them both
i think my favorite is quiltmaker.although i have them all.
I used to enjoy Quilters Newsletter, Quiltmaker and Fon's and Porter. Ihad been collecting for a long time.. but now feel the patterns are the same just different fabrics. I understand cause they need to cater to the new quilters.
I really enjoy online patterns now there are numerous sites and patterns I can get and blogging is another alternative for know how's and uptodate techniques.. what I love about blogging is that it is information from all over the world at your fingertips!! Mags will only specialize in what they are promoting for that month...plus some only come out once a month or every 2 months...
I do still love the American Patchwork Quilting mag, and Quilt mania is very unique. I was lucky enough that at a quilt guild show I was able to get many years of the Australian patchwork mag for 50Cents each..what a bargin so I bought all 3 baskets just incase there was a series that I didn't want to miss..LOL
I love my mags that I have but really really love on line now...it really has opened up a whole new world!!
I do Quilters' World digital. That way I don't ever have to throw them away! It is the only one I subscribe to. I like American Patchwork too, but just buy it occasionally. Wish more would go digital!
I love Quilters Newsletter, Quilter's Home, Quilting Arts and American Quilter plus any quilting magazine that looks interesting, especially the ones from Australia or the UK.
My post may not be read, since the original post is so old, but I love all of the quilt magazines, and get most of them at the news stand. I especially love BH&G (all 3 versions) McCalls (both versions), and the Australian and New Zealander publications. I don't have room to keep them all, so I don't save any of them. I regularly go through my magazines and tear out the quilts that interest me. I don't save any photos of quilts that I know I'll never do, no matter how beautiful (an intricate appliqued Baltimore Album, for example), unless there's something about it I can use, like the colors. I generally don't save the instructions, just the pictures & sometimes the layout, I can always create the pattern by looking at it.
I only get one and that is Fons & Porter....Although I leaf through all the others in the stores.


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