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I am a quilter in Texas. The Hill Country to be exact. I live in Boerne and just love it here. My DH is making noise about moving to Dallas, but I may have to lay down the law. He works out of town all of the time and most of it is in the Dallas area. I told him, jokingly and lovingly if course, that if he was home every night it would cut into my quilting time.

Any other Texas quilters out there?


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Hi! I'm a native Houstonian. I think that I'm the first quilter in the family, but there have been generations of sewers on both sides of my family. I don't belong to any local quilt guilds at this time as my day job takes up most of my time. I shop for fabric at a local quilt shop in Houston, Garden Oaks area, named "Sunflower Quilts". The owners, Jill & Logan are wonderful people and very helpful. I am a member of AQS and SGA. I work to buy fabric; I think the people at E-Quilter know me by name.
I have been on a fabric diet for a long time. I made a vow to myself I would not buy anything I didn't absolutely need to finish a WIP. So far so good. I used to go to a store ove in the Memorial area. I think they may have closed now. I lived in Houston as a teenager and then again after a divorce.

You have the right idea. I'm only buying right now because I have a little more fun money available for a short time. My adult son is my temporary roomate and that has freed up some of my money for a little while. He's moving in March, so it will be back to "real life" then.
I think that quilt store in Memorial was Great Expectations. The store is closed, but Carey Bresingham (?) is the president of the corporation that puts on the International Quilt Festival here in Houston every year. Try to attend, the next one is in mid October. It is quilter's wonderland. Talk to you soon.
Oh, that is the one. I have been to the festival. I love it! I want to try to go next year. I will have to start saving my fun money right now.
Don't give up and go to Dallas! You've already found the best place in the world to live – Boerne! I too love it and have for the past 20 years - much longer than I've been quilting. I'm primarily a hand-quilter, though I have just given in and begun machine quilting some smaller pieces. My only regret about living in Boerne is that the quilt shops are all so far away.
Dallas is a great place to be for a quilter. There are so many small towns around and just about every one has a shop and guild. And strange as it is Dallas has only one quilt shop, but it's a great one QUILTERS CONNECTION, Garland has SUSYS, Rockwall has TEXAS QUILTWORKS, McKinney has THE QUILT ASSYLUM, just to name a few.
Eudean Page
Oh, my page. Well, I am working on it. I am one computer short right now and it makes it hard to get all of my pictures where I want them. My son in law is trying to find me a new one that will handle all of my design software. I have qilt and embroidery and phot software and they are memory hogs.


I'm a Texas quilter...but on the other side of the state. I'm in the Pineywoods of East Texas...Henderson to be exact. There sure are a lot of good quilt shops in the Dallas area. You might try telling him how much money you'd have to spend if you moved there.

We used to live in Plano and they have a wonderful quilt store. My husband is really understanding when it comes to my material addiction. I have been on a fabric diet for awhile.

I love the PIney Woods. We have oak here and cedar. I love the dirt associated with pines. Sp perfect for azaleas.

Hi Lois, I live in the Fort Worth area and try to avoid Dallas as much as possible. I do like to go to the Dallas Quilt show, I think it is in March.

We have several nice quilt shops here in Fort Worth but I am determined not to buy any fabric until I use up some of my stash, hummm didn't I say that last year too? Oh well it keeps me out of the Bingo Halls.
Carol B.
If we do move to Dallas it will be a small town way out of Dallas so we can get some land. I cannot stand big towns and do not want to have to be near one. I pray everyday we get to stay in Boerne. It is just beautiful here. The hills are healing and so inspirational.

There are so many shops and guilds in the Dallas area. It's a great place to live as a quilter
Eudean Page


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