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I would love to make quilts and do quilting for a income, has anyone had good luck at making it worth the time? I now own HQ16 and it does save weeks off doing it on home or factory machine.

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i definitely would pay someone to bind my quilts for me; i don' t think i am the only one who feels this way. i have been taught numerous times but i find it so tedious. i have many quilts stacked up which need binding.
OH ME ME ME!!!! I absolutely LOVE to bind quilts and have often wondered if anyone would "pay" me to do theirs for them. I find it soothing while I watch TV in the evenings. I have no what one would/could/should charge for such a service...any ideas?
what do u love about binding????
When I do the binding I feel I have finish the quilt. As Running with scissors says, it is something I can do when the family watches TV together.
This is the method I use that has made the job more of ok love. I cut 2 1/4" binding on the straight, crossgrain or on the gain, what ever I have left of fabric. I use the bias if the quilts has curved edges. Which ever way, I fold it in half and sew the two raw sides to the quilt, the fold edge is then the side I hand whip to the quilt. This makes it tight wrapped around to the 1/4" edge. I am reading more patterns for 21/2inches, You then will have to use a 1/2" seam. The batting also has to be full inside the binding.
Like Linda said, doing the binding means that a project is "finished"...so it's kind of like dessert for me. I'm sort of a perfectionist and there's something I love about the symmetry of the tiny, almost invisible stitches, and the smooth tightness of that "perfect" binding that I just like.
I have read that some shops charge $20 and up. Some just top stitch the binding to the top side on the machine for less or they leave the hand work to the customer. I just finished a queen for a lady. It took 4 hours, just on the binding That is half day job $35. I made the lady the entire quilt so the price was just part of the quilt. When I added all the cost of fabric and cost of equipment, I made nothing for my labor. It would be wonderful to do just the binding for people.
I'm with you, I love to bind quilts. I also love to make binding. I make binding out of any fabric less than 1 yd and more than 1/2 yd and roll it and store it for a project that may come my way. I have a small tub that I keep it in and I'm always ready to go. I do so love to make binding!
I purchased my Gammill not knowing what the demand would be. I priced my services based on the local area that I live in and I have always had quilts to quilt! I love quilting, I love binding and I do the best to meet the request of those who ask me to complete their quilts. I have always maintained one thought, I am being asked to compliment the work of the piecer and assist them in the completion of their work. This has kept me centered on each project and I really love seeing the work of others. I really love quilting.
I do not know where you are located but we have found our Long Arm quilters to be quite high in our area. I was on another quilting forum and they were talking about having quilts done for $60-$80. In our area they start at $125 and go UP!! Then we went to a quilt show in Jacksonville and found that the shops there are much more reasonable. One gal took two quilts with her, and even with them shipping them back to her it was a much better price. So when you say you based your price on the area, apparently it can be a very big difference. I cannot afford to have someone else quilt my quilts. I could buy my own machine at the prices our LAers charge.
When I quilt a quilt it has taken me 8 to 20 hours. I really want the quilting to add to the quilt. If the quilt is quilckly done with overall pattern, with no regard to how the quilt top was done, then I could see a low price.
Thanks for telling me what the price could be. I am not sure I want to quilting for nothing. I bought my HQ16 because I knew that I love quilting and will quilt enough in the next 10 years to pay for the machine, plus get to have the fun to quilt my own quilts.
I know that the quilters in a 100 mile distance charge much more than I do. If I spend a lot of time quilting a quilt with custom design based on block pattern or wishes of the 'piecer' than I charge a little more. I do charge extra for backing, piecing, prepping and pressing. I charge for binding a quilt separate from the quilting. A little research and a few good books helps you figure out the pricing that works for your area. Google searches are a good resource for area quilters. Hope all this helps, it helped me when I started!
Thanks to all of you to helping me know what is being charged and that some may only want the binding done. I am thankful CT has made it so easy to talk to each other.
I live in McDonough, Ga. about 45 min. south of Alt. We do have one quilt shop close, otherwise I have to drive 45min. to go to a fabric store or to quilt group, how do I get the word out that I am willing to quilt?


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