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Linda Delagrange, I have done several small quilts that I have quilted on Embroidery Machine. I have a rose machine so all of mine have to be 4x4 but the same princile applies. you have to baste your quilt very well so as not to shift. Take all three layers and open your hoop so it will fit easily than tighten hoop. you have to place the design in the hoop with your templete to make sure you have it in the right place and I used verigated machne quilting thread on top and bottom. I had to adjust my tension and I would do a sample of all three layers first. Takes a lot of in and out of the hoop but the results are stunning.
Have not and will not tackle a big quilt. Have done just a lap quilt.
Hope some of this helps you
Kathy Simmons
Bay City, Tx.

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Also, Linda, in answer to your question as to where to put them I use the template that comes with the embroidery hoop to make sure it is centered.
Linda I am new to this technology so I am sure I can't do photos yet. I have done a block quilt with 4 patches and single blocks that just so happen to be a little bigger than 4x4 so decieded to embrodery in the blocks and just stich in ditch with the 4 patch. I have not tackled one that is a all over design. Another one I did was just 5x5 squares of a set of fabrics and quilted in those then in the ditch around them. Not all quilts are for embroidery designs especially our 4x4 but when you get one it sure saves time and looks great.
Hi, I have a Brother 2500 Embroidery/Sewing machine. I have been doing embroidery for about 5 years, but just started quilting last summer. I took a beginner qulting class and I decided to do my quilting on my emb machine because that is what I am more comfortable with. I printed out the design on paper and taped it on the quilt where I wanted it. I hooped and lined up my needle before removing the paper. It turned out very good for a first quilt I think. I will try to post a picture of it.
Hi! I am new to this group and so glad I have found you! I have 2 embroidery machines, one is an Husqvarna Designer 1 and a Brother PR 600 that only does embroidery. I also have a brother quilting quilting machine that is a work horse. It only does straight stitching but has a large neck so you can fit a quilt rolled up. I have only used my Designer for quilting already programed quilting patterns but they have been small. I made several rag quilts and used the small hoop. But my Brother has a hugh hoop but I can't find quilting patterns for the big hoop. I have so many quilt tops that need to be quilted, I am hoping this year I can get many of them done. I belong to a quilt guild and we are lucky to have 2 members that have long arm machines so I am going to have them do my big quilts. I can handle the smaller ones.

How do you post a photo???
Hi Linda! I have a Brother Nouvelle 1500. It's for quilting and only does a straight stitch. It has a heavy duty motor in it and will really fly! I use it the most with my quilting.

I will have to find my photos of my quilts and upload a few.

My bird is a Amazon Blue Front. He is 32 years old and he can't walk. We can't find out what is wrong with him. But he is happy, I just gave him a bath and he is laying here in my sewing room on his back yelling at me. He pulls himself around with his beak and pushes with his wings.
I am the same way about my "kids". The bird ONLY loves me, he really dislikes my husband or anyone else for that matter.

I did add a photo where my photos is supposed to be. It's the only one I have on this computer. I will have to take some new photos so I can put some up. The one that is there is all fabric and embroidery. You sew them in 4x4 sections then sew them all together and it looks like a window. I have done this one in blue and silver, I also did one in red and gold. I also have a oriental one, and two southern bell ones. I have one of those done.

Going to get my camera now!!!


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