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Has anyone tried the Scrap Therapy and have a Pattern for the Placemats?
Been doing Stack & Whack and it seems something new comes out every week and pushes my UFO's further back on my sewing table. But I love it!!

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What is Scrap Therapy? Is it like the Scrap Users System?
Hi Joanna-
I took a class-Bought 3 patterns-one was What's Up Dot-you cut a nine patch put it together-cut it apart-put back together a differnt way etc. Just a lot of fun. The top, batting and backing are all done at once- When you finish all you have to do is bind. Makes a small tablecloth-or placemats-Or can mnake a large quilt. My scraps have gone done a lot. Have you made a Hot Dog Pillow Case? Really easy and fun. The Scrap Therapy Pillow Case is made like the Hot Dog one.
Happy sewing.
This is so fast and easy and so much fun.
I can tell you how to do this-but easiest thing for you to do is
go on Inter-Net-Type in Hot Dog Pillow Case-And you will have it. Or buy the Whats's Up Dot Pattern at a Sewing Shop, which is easy also and fun. You can make these cases in about 20 minutes once you get onto it. I have used my serger but does just as well on machine.
If you have any problems I will be glad to help if I can. I know you will really like this.
I just bought 18 yards of material Christmas-On sale-Cheap now- for 9 Pillow Case sets.
Have a great day.
Hi Dorothy,

Roll your Hot Dog Bun all the way to the end of the Hot Dog and Edging. Put or bring
the Hot Dog Bun all the way AROUND all the material. You will see immediately
how it goes together. It looks like you are doing it wrong but it is right. Then
sew being careful not to catch any of the Hot Dog And Edging in the seam.
Once you get this you will be able o do these in about fifteen minutes.
I do mine by Serger and Sewing machine.

Good Luck,
PS Sorry about your friend.
Hi Odessa.
It is away to clean out your scrap collection. Go to Scrap Therapy Placemats and you will see the concept. Really neat and I hear it is very fast. Good luck-
Stack and Whack? It sounds like fun. I've heard about the scrap therapy. A few of the ladies in my quilt group here, went to that work shop. They were haveing alot of fun. I hope you fine the pattern for the placemats. Have a great day!
I am doing the Scrap Therapy, in fact, tomorrow is my first sewing workshop. We are doing placemats called "What's up Dots" (I think!). Is this the pattern you are looking for? I have also done some Stack and Whack by Bethany Reynolds and love them. It is so exciting to see what the blocks end up looking like.
Hi Quiltlady,
Yes, this is the pattern I was referring to. Love the Stack & Whack-Just completed class on that one.
Loved it. I am now cutting all my squares for placemats, scrap stash is going down thank goodness.
I will let you know what the pattern is all about after tomorrow!
is there a pattern for the Scrapy therapy placemats if so...can you send me the link thanks...
I couldn't find a link...only that the patterns are available through your LQS. If you send me your e-mail address I'll see what I can do with the info that I have from the workshop. Thanks, Cathy
Hi Quiltlady-
Just finished my 2nd class in this delightful technique, made 8 Placemats :Whats Up Dot: now
working on the Tablecloth. Just so neat. Uses a lot of scraps.
Try it.


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