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I want to make a Black and White quilt. I don't have any black/white fabrics yet. I think a 2 colored quilt done in blacks and whites would be beautiful, but then it's always in the eye of the beholder. If anyone has a pattern to share or a suggestion. I'm open.


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Have you tried going to Google "Images" and searching for "Black and white quilt"? There are a ton of ideas there that can get you started thinking. If you are like me, I like to eliminate everything I don't like...and then figure out what the quilts I DO like have in common and then search for a pattern that has the same theme to it.
great idea. All of the sudden I had major quilt block when i decided i wanted to do a black and white quilt!
"Major quilt block"!!!! Hilarious! Let us know what you decide to go with!
I've been wanting to make a black and white quilt too. I've seen lots of ideas,but the ones I like best have just a touch of red or yellow.
I haven't ever done this pattern, but it is on my 'to do' list. It's the Hunter's Star pattern. I have seen so many of these done in only two colors, so it would be striking in black and white. Check out Quilter's Cache website for TONS of free patterns. The best part is that they have photos of finished quilts/blocks to show you different looks. Check it out. Hope to see yours once you decide on a pattern. Good luck.
I haven't made a black & white quilt but have made a red & white one. I got my pattern out of a Better Homes & Gardens Two Color quilt book. I ended up with a double irish chain. I also agree that the website Quilters Cache is exellent source for free patterns. Have fun searching and quilting.

This is a red and white quilt made out of 2 1/2 inch stripes after I made the blocks I cut them in half and reunited with a block in opposite colors. I included a free stip pattern for it. It is easy and fun to do. Another quilter and I were talking about all the possibilities cutting the block diagonally or in quarters. It has a very modern look when done in two colors.
I made a black and white quilt. The pattern name was Twist n Turn, it turned out really well.
A friend introduced me to another company (they are also on the internet) they have a grey and white quilt on page 80 of their spring catelogue. It might give you and idea for a black on white. Try looking at site: www.keepsakequilting.com

Quilting in Mantiboa
i made one with strips sewn diagonally on muslin squares. then added one last piece of fabric on corners in orange. I called it Odd orange. had four orange fabrics, but only one triangle of fourth one.
I always liked this pattern from Sue Cleveland. It's modern, it has the subtle color accents in the blocks to make them pop even more...

Her website is www.piecesbewithyou.com

Here's an up close pic of a block...


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