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I want to purchase a sewing maching cabinet, Horn is very expensive, what do you suggest.
Thank you.

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I don't have a special cabinet at this time of my life but hope to some day. Currently I am using a very sturdy banquet table as my main sewing table and my machine has a plexiglas table that fits around it. I then have another long folding card table that sits lengthwise next to my sewing table. Perfect for machine quilting as I have room behind my machine and to my side. I have thought about using a door and sitting it on top of two file cabinets (one under each end) and then I would have even more storage. Just some thoughts.
Hi Marla,

Thanks for your suggestions, but my problem is space, I need to set up my machine in the corner of my bedroom so I can leave it set up and work on my quilts whenever I have some spare time, otherwise, I have been using my dining room table which works great except when it's time to eat, then I have to put everything away. I live in an apartment in Queens, and have a small kitchen.
Yes, space can be a problem. I probably wouldn't sew as much if I had to take everything down and put it away all the time. I know people who have the SewEzi table and they love it. Good luck!
Have you seen the "sewezi" sewing table. I want one as it is a table not a cabinet. There are no drawers for storage and it folds up for storage. I saw them at Intl. Quilt Festival last November and they were offering free shipping if you bought it at the show. I have checked out their website and have decided to get one. I will wait until this year's Quilt Festival to see if I can get free shipping and buy it then. It's more affordable than any thing else I have looked at. Check it out at www.seweziusa.com Good Luck!
Here is a photo of the table I bought online at the sewingtableshop.com I had a cabinet that fit my old machine but my new one didn't I love this table because it has plenty of top space and 4 drawers.
That looks perfect. Sorry it so long to get back to you.


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