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I'm am back into the quilting scene and have a great sewing machine but it is dated. Any suggestions on what I should buy would be appreciated.

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Janome makes a great and affordable machine
Do you have a certain model you like? The quilt shop where I took lessons sell those. The Singer I like doesn't get good reviews.
Hi Gwen
I have a Jannome. model 6600 I love it. had a designer 1 Husquvarna Not good I paid alot for it and had nothing but trouble!!!!!! Love the jannome. Elaine
I have a Janome memery craft 6600 and I love it I even machinr quilt with mine and have no problem they are quite but made on the heavy duty side and well worth the money mine is about 5 years old and have no problems with it just have to make sure you keep it clean or it will tell you all about it YEAS I LOVE MY JANOMES
Yes I have, but there aren't a lot of shops in my area so I am mostly doing the internet research. The quilt shop I am going to sell Janome and Baby Lock good machine but a little pricey but the customer service may be worth the expense, they are always there and can answer your questions immediately. Sometimes that is priceless.
I was over at the shop this morning and I was looking at a Janome CM6500, Ithink this is the one. I found the manual online and am going to print it up and take at look around at all the features. The girl at the quilt shop was very knowligable and answered everything I wanted to know. My husband even had questions. I like the larger space and it even has the extension arm. I think it should cover anything that I need to sew as well as quilt. My husband seems to think I want an embroidery machine, but I really don't think I need that. This Janome does monograming, I think thats enough for me. Going to give myself a week or two to think it over but I think I am sold. I have to thank everyone for the great feedback I received here. I'm glad I signed up, I am sure I will have more questions in the future.
Hi Dianne depending on your budget you can't go wrong with a Bernina. I think one of the best made machines, I have 5 machines right now. Two Featherweights white and black, a Pro Quilters Dream by Elna a Bernina 1530 bought on Ebay and I love it. It runs like butter, I just don't know how else to describe it but love it. So it all depends on that budget my dear, lots to choose from. Try them out and get WHAT YOU WANT! After all you will be the one using it. Have fun Dianne and good luck, let us know what you decide. Happy sewing!
Hi Dianne...Janome are great machines. The 6600 has a accufeed foot to it.Feeds your fabric evenly when sewing.Has thread cutter ,needle threader and a nice selection in stitches. This machine is one up from 6500,nice machine for quilting.Janome has 25 warranty
. This machine is a work horse.You will get your moneies worth this machine.Have a Merry Christmas.......Bev
You can't go wrong with the Janome. I constantly had trouble with the Bernina I had. The Janome are quiet, too. (My Bernina was very noisy.) Also, the accessories (if you want to add different feet) are less expensive with the Janome. I'll probably be getting another Janome soon, because I can't really quilt comfortably with mine. The space under the arm isn't large enough. I have the 6260 Quilter's Companion, so it's an older model.
Thanks for the response I am sold on the Janome, just going to wait til Feb 1st to purchase. Have had nohing but positive feed back from everyone here as well as some of the chat sites I looked at. I can't wait to start the next project. Going to be doing a little bit of applique and triangles.
I have 2 Janome machines. I have the 6260QC and the MemoryCraft 9000. I love both for the ability to use and little problems. Good choice on the Janome and I'm sure you'll love it.
Thanks for the input, any good reviews are the best. Thanks for positive feedback, I hope I can live up to the reputation of the machine and do it some honors by creating something beautiful.


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