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I buy the little white reinforcement rings for notebook paper and use them to keep my spools of thread and thread on bobbins from unrolling when in the thread box. They work great. ladyc
That is an excellent Idea. I have threads all over the place. I'm going to have to go to the store to buy some.
Wow... super idea. I have used tape, but in the summer it gets really "gummy". I am going to get some the next time I go out. Will surely clean up my thread drawer.

I use an empty prescription bottle for all my bent pins and old machine needles. Then, every now and then, I toss it out without worry that someone may get stuck.

Keep on Quilting!

Great idea. I have gone one (green) step further. The machine needles are great for hanging pictures and don't leave much of a hole in the wall!!

And, they hold 60# of weight too!

I have never figured out how to throw those things away, usually wrap in layers of paper.  This sounds so more sensible, and I sure have empty pill bottles.

I use little tiny ponytail holders and get them where they sell barretts and hair scrunchies for little kids. They fit perfectly on bobbins and the spools I just rewind the thread in the groove at the end of the spool as it comes when you buy it. Hope this helps, I love my little scrunchies.
That's what I do as well, it works very well.
I also use the pony tail holders. And I really like using them for my bobbins. I haven't tried them on the spools yet. Sometimes it is hard to find that little slot in the plastic.
Have any of you ever tried the Bobbin Buddies to hold bobbin thread on? I'd like to get some but can only find them online and they seem a bit pricey. If they work, I'd gladly pay for them though! CT doesn't appear to have them.
Nikki.... When I want to keep thread and bobbins together, I use a cheap wooden golf tee to hold the bobbin down onto the top of the thread spool.
Hi Nikki, Yes I use them all of the time. They help for the most part. If you have wider bobbins they may miss the tail that you are trying to hold down so you have to make sure you catch it. But all in all they really help to keep things organized without a bunch of strings hanging on.


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