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I especially like using the blue painters tape (looks like masking only blue) it doesn't leave a residue and I can make notes on it for later as I cut out alot at one time then I package it up with the pattern and come back to it when I can actually spend time at the machine.
Hi Barbara, this is a fantastic idea! I recently used chalk line to mark a quilt for my mom. She hand quilts in frames that her dad made her. The masking tape will work great also!
My eyes are getting worse everyday, and I had a hard time threading the needle on my sewing machine. I found that if you put a white piece of paper behind the needle, the hole stands out, and it's easy to slide the thread right in.
This is what my mom does. It really works for her.
absolutely...i keep a piece of white cardboard from hem/binding tape next to my machine...on one end of the board, i have blacked out a square (about 1.5") so that i have both light and dark to use for the opposite types of thread....also, DO NOT lick your thread, cut cleanly, and then lick your finger to place a tiny drop of saliva IN the needle hole....capillary action grabs the dry thread and it goes right in...we 'old eyed dolls' have to stick together!

What a great tip!!  Thanks, Dee, I never knew about licking the needle and the capillary action of the saliva.  I always licked the thread after I made a clean, diagonal cut.  Peace and blessings,  Vicki

I LOVE (and I do mean LOVE) prescription pill bottles for everything sewing. The smaller, slender ones are perfect for bobbins-they fit in perfectly and you could drop filled bobbins into them in color families and then just use a Sharpie to color the caps "blue" or "green" or whatever color is in there.

I also use the shorter, fatter ones for my on-the-go projects. A regular spool of thread fits perfectly along with a needle or two and one of those rubber (cheap) thimbles and a couple of small safety pins for a custom made quilting kit that I can drop in my purse or bag without worrying that the thread will come undone or I'll lose the needle.

I also know of a quilter who drills a small hole in the lid of her bottles that size, inserts her spool of thread, then sticks the end of the thread through it (like a tiny round kleenex dispenser) and puts the lid back on the bottle. She can then pull of a length of thread and the spool can't unravel or roll across the floor etc because all that sticks out is the end of the thread!

OH, and one more tip. My husband is a computer geek (career) and he came home a few months ago with a velcro like "tape" that they use at work to tie computer cables in bundles behind desks etc to keep them organized. It comes in various widths so it could do both bobbins and spools, it has no adhesive on the back and does not require an opposing side of hook-and-loop material to stick to...it sticks to itself!! It can be reused over and over again and the 3/8 width is PERFECT to put around bobbins to keep the thread on them! The only place I could find it was in larger bulk sizes from computer networking stores, but here is a link to show you what I'm talking about. It might seem a tad pricey but it's 25 yards of the stuff and could easily share the cost with another quilter etc. We literally use this stuff for EVERYTHING we want to bundle or tie up because it clings so well but can be easily undone and reused. Here's the link

Velcro One Wrap
P.S. When I said the only place I could find the One Wrap was online and in bulk, I meant specifically the 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch widths which are the only sizes that work on my bobbins. A lot of online office supply stores stock One Wrap or similar "soft cable wrap/tape" regularly, but usually only in the 1/2 inch wide and it's too stiff to "smash" into the space between the top and the bottom of a bobbin...if that makes sense. You could certainly use that width for everything else, and it's usually about $3 to $5 dollars depending on where you purchase it.
A good source for all things 'techie' is "www sciplus com" (put the dots in for the spaces here). They have a 25' roll of skinny florist hook-and-loop tape for under $3 right now. It's also a great source for all kinds of interesting organizers, containers, etc. DH finds this site irresistable!
I recently discovered that this stuff works in my GARDEN too and I've been using it to "stick" my peas to the trellis until they take hold! I actually saw some "green" hook and loop at Home Depot...which inspired me to come home and use my techie brand. But $3 is a great price for it!
I use Vet Wrap (in human medicine, it's called Coban, I think) to keep things together. It's crinkly and sticks to itself, can be cut in any width, and is reusable. Great stuff!
You can use the traditional velcro tape that does stick and has an opposing tape to keep from losing things. I put one small strip around the end of my seam ripper and another small square on my machine! Now I never have to go crazy looking for my seam ripper! So does this mean I make way too many mistakes?


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